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The war pendulum continues to oscillate. Zhelensky calls for the recapture of Makhri, the Pentagon talks about the invasion of the Ukrainians and reiterates the Russian problem, with the United States and NATO wondering how to help Kiev.

ZElensky says he will recapture McGregor, the Pentagon – generally very cautiously – offers A pessimistic picture of Putin’s military situation. He talks about the offensive to retake Ukrainian territory and underscores Russia’s problems: They would have lost more than 10% of the forces And progress will be problematic on many fronts.The pendulum of war – and ratings – continues to fluctuate, while the fate of civilians bombed incessantly by invaders does not change.

These developments are accompanied by a question: How can we help Ukraine at this crucial moment? US and NATO allies, Like intelligence workThey walk on it Thin red line This allows them Providing defensive assistance without becoming serious fighters in conflictTrying to do everything possible to help the Ukrainians.

With this in mind, step The Wall Street Journal, Washington sends Soviet-made SA 8 anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine: They are old equipment obtained to analyze technology used by the Russian military a few decades ago and are now being picked up from sites scattered throughout the U.S. territory.

In Great Ford Irvine shooting site, In the southwestern United States, between Nevada and California, Russian fertilization methods in the hands of the Americans are clearly used and used by units that play the role of adversaries: some are truly Soviet, others follow them modified. In Nellis is located in Las Vegas, There is an area that hosts many of them: called the Petting Zoo, and when you are in a grand installation you can only touch a wall where the back parts sprout. Then there is Downtown Redstone, AlabamaThese include fragments of the East: a secret plan by the Pentagon to invest $ 100 million, born in the 1990s, when the Soviet plane was discovered off the highway near Huntsville.

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Then, they will probably send similar settings. In the hangars, for example, there are also S300s of Belarusian descent, although they are not known to be out for now: the area will be covered by missiles guaranteed by Slovakia. The message brings two aspects together. First: The ways of weapons are endless. Second: What to do now? In Washington, there is pressure to equip Kiev Tools that can not only slow down the invader, but also launch counter-attacksConsiderations on the discussion of offensive and defensive equipment sent to Ukraine. The difference depends on the application. Of course those in high demand in Congress are thinking of tanks, artillery, long-range ballistic missiles, attack helicopters, planes and so on. There is a problem though, Must know how to use opponent methods: American Patriots need months of training to use American personnel or them.

So there is a need to fish in them Countries that have already used products from Ukraine: Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and other states can contribute to them. With this in mind, the idea of ​​smuggling some samples from American bases was born, and the Ukrainian military, which received them after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was already aware of this. Stingers – spear-like anti-aircraft weapon, shoulder weapon – can attack low-flying helicopters and aircraft. These security systems will allow Ukraine to impose A Non-flying area To the Russians, in fact, by expanding the missile umbrella.

There is a deep element along with the swords. Some of the analysts believe that a stalemate has occurred and that Kiev could be strengthened. Putin’s special move Even more complicated. This party insists every day. Weak sides of the military: Smart missiles do not work, supplies are in short supply (Zhelensky says the Russians did not keep them for three days), low morale, the first signs of troop paralysis, the refusal of some units to fight, the loss of thousands of elements, the large number of equivalents and commandos killed, the substandard equipment poorly prepared . This list is based on hard data, but also on the inevitable campaign: An article from New York Times Describes the victories of the Ukrainian aircraft – about fifty aircraft – it not only defended its own space, but also destroyed many enemy aircraft in duels.

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Some more technical observers adjusted the shot, he said The invader embraces and makes night trips on the ground and Sukhoi jetsUtilizes the weaknesses of the defenders and in the meantime attacks the cities with long-range guns, Groats, Thermoparic warships. Time in support of the Kremlin, writes former naval officer Andrew Milburn, fresh from an intelligence on the ground. There is always the fear of being in any caseOr the jar has the option to get everything done smoothlyFear will come in appeal as well Unusual weaponsDanger induced by Joe Biden.

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