Denis Greave, Kiev negotiator killed by Ukrainian 007: “He is a Russian spy”

The only confirmation is that one of the Ukrainian negotiators, Denis Grave, was shot in the head in Kiev. But, the man who killed him was black. The Ukrainian media reported throughout the day that he had been killed by intelligence because he was spying for Moscow. In the evening, a tweet from the Kiev Armed Forces Command overturned the study: Their version is that this banker is actually a Ukrainian spy. , Who fell while performing special tasks. So his sacrifice will “bring Ukraine closer to victory”. Nothing is mentioned about his killers. In short, a thriller that makes us understand the confusion that exists within political-military leaders and in Ukrainian security equipment.

Greave, no deny

The men of Slu┼żba Bezpeky Ukrayiny (SBU), Zelensky’s 007, killed a member of the Ukrainian negotiating team on charges of treason, all of which exploded when the Kiev media leaked the early morning news that the perpetrators – according to them – had been exposed. Information to Moscow. It is precisely Denise Greyev, a banker with excellent international experience, who is considered the creature of the well-known Ukrainian billionaire oligarchy Andriy Petrovych Klyuyev, who in the past held high positions in pro-Russian governments. There would have been wiretapes to nail him. A bad story erupting on social media, often proponents of Zhelensky, deniers of the news, on the other hand, pro-Moscow, condemning the Nazis “killing non-aligned” negotiators. The propaganda aside, this story highlights the chaotic situation within the Ukrainian leadership in its dramatic brutality. The question arises as to why a character bound by pro-Russian interests was admitted to such subtle talks. One of the many mysteries of this complex conflict is even more intense after the military tweet.

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Immediately the news spread

The Ukrainians Pravda website was the first to spread the news, so UNIAN, the Ukrainian news agency, also confirmed the killing by the Ukrainian news agency. It was taken out. “Grave was killed in the center of Kiev. He was hanged and shot in the head at the entrance to the Bechersk court,” the agency writes. His name never appears on the official list.His presence is only proven by a few photos in which he sits at the interview desk, above all, wearing a suit and tie, not in military uniform.

His career as an international banker The billionaire oligarchy, valued at $ 227 million, grew up in the shadow of Andrei Petrovich Glue, a major player in the solar energy market, affiliated with luxury buildings near Vienna and Active Solar GmbH. In the Austrian capital, Ukraine is involved in the development of large-scale photovoltaic power plants. But he has been, above all, a key figure in Ukrainian politics in recent decades for being the right-hand man of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. Precisely for his support of pro-Russian organizations in Ukraine, and for office abuse and embezzlement of public funds, Gluev suffered sanctions from half the world, from Switzerland to Liechtenstein, the European Union, Canada and finally the United States. 2015.

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