“Denunciation is done by cutting off heads”. Debate on TV

In Russia, the war in Ukraine takes on a completely different value: “We must destroy by beheading”. Shocking phrases pronounced live on TV

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As Russia’s attacks on UkraineAs civilians are massacred in various cities like Mariupol, many wonder what is real Opinions of Russian citizensThe. Beyond Vladimir Putin’s plan, what is being discussed Russian television And what are the ideas expressed in the talk shows of the living rooms on TV? This was in response to a special by Enrico Mentana on La 7, which translated the voices of some of Russia 1’s shows.Denazification is done by cutting off the heads“, This is one of the key phrases expanded from a program.

There is a debate on Russian television about who the Ukrainians are and whose country they belong to

Enrico MentonaDuring the La7 news special, he presented a video taken from it Russian television With these words: “From Moscow, the war is completely different. Let’s look at an interesting part from Russia 1.

“Against the will of the Ukrainians, Ukraine should be part of Russia“, You hear a commentator say.

“But you said that the Ukrainians should have the right to own their own country. Demand: Who are the Ukrainians? “Continue another.

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“We do A special military operation For Free the Russians living in Ukraine. Our goal – as one of the guests in the exchange explained – should not be allowed to leave us, we can make an accurate forecast, that is, if two generations pass, we should be in Ukraine for 30-40 years. Eliminating this disease from the roots, we will understand later. There should be no Ukrainian national symbols.

“The Russian flag flutters, the symbol of victory, the flag of the Soviet Union.”

MentanaPhoto source: ANSA

Enrico Mentona

“Denunciation is done by cutting off heads”, a shocking phrase on Russian television

We conduct ‘denunciation’, It will take 15 or 20 years or more. Time will tell. However, those activists who fled to NATO countries can no longer return to the borders of what is now Ukraine.

“If we leave even a small part of this malignant tumor, it will affect all of us again. We can only completely ‘denatify’ it up to the border with Poland. There is no other option. ‘Denunciation’ does not mean beheading or shooting everyone.

“Yes, it is done by cutting off the head. Denazification is done by cutting off the heads“, We ask from a commentator who freezes all the guests in the studio.

In the background, meanwhile, quiet pictures of Russian tanks marching in Ukraine. There is no mention in the films of the terrible destruction caused by the invaders.

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Russians watch war in Ukraine:

Photo source: ANSA

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