“Do not have sex before marriage. Chastity is combined with love. What the new Vatican document says is causing controversy

“True love is only if a love is pure. Chastity is a condition for the true development of personal love.” This is what we read in the document CatchMonal Travel Plans for Marital Life Deccastry for Palmers, and at some point the words start again Pope Francisco Of his book Amoris Letidia. The text, at some point, recognizes that the principles it advocates are “contrary to the general mood”, especially in the context of chastity. Nevertheless, in a passage of catechumens, “Chastity must be presented as the true companion of love, not its denial. It is a special way to learn to respect the uniqueness and dignity of another, without submitting to one’s own desires. Moreover, it teaches the ways and times of true love.

The theme of sexuality has been revived many times and emphasizes the need for education in vulnerability for young people, which should not be limited to “the horizon of love”. Dowd Court Love is considered romantic in the dominant cultural interpretation. In recovering from the most serious injuries caused by “this should happen. But the text only mentions” as a last resort, after all other reasonable efforts have been in vain. “

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