Draghi returns early from Madrid and goes to Conte Guernail: Tension with 5 Stell. Palazzo Ciki: The government is solid

“No, the government will not risk it.” Between Pepe Batting And Giuseppe With you In the end, he takes care of keeping things in order Mario Tracy. On the edge of the summit Was born In Madrid, the Prime Minister is forced to intervene to stop the five stars behind the scenes who see him as the protagonist of the war against his predecessor, just as he is actually hovering over the Ice School and the beach resorts. So, the Prime Minister left the Spanish summit just before returning to Rome. Because CDM is officially in the expensive program today Bills. But some shadows linger at this point because in the meantime Conte went to the Guerrero and had an hour-long interview with Sergio Materella.


Sociologist triggers avalanche Dominico de Masi – will always be close to Girillo – According to the former comedian he was informed about a phone call between him and Tracy, in which the Prime Minister would have asked him. Remove Conte from M5S “Because It Is Not Enough”. Labeling everything as “false”, Palazzo Siki deliberately denies the conversation. And the founder, who spoke to reporters who stumbled upon Rome and named everything “stories”, had already done the same in the morning. In the afternoon the government canceled the summit with the Grillina delegation and added in the evening: “Every time I am exploited they say nonsense about me and Tracy …”. Rumors on the M5S are running fast. “We are under attack” is a message we often read in chats. Sniffs the communication opportunity. After hard days, With you It can compress troops. “Girillo told me about these phone calls – the lawyer says – we are a community, we work together, so I was informed. Drake attacks without answering and then searches for Conte on the premiere phone (then gets an answer) .The two confront each other. Palazzo Siki Does not tell phone call details. From M5S Instead something leaks about the “tough” conversation: “Conte explained that it was nothing personal – as those close to him say in those moments – but it was a question of democracy”. He also asked the Prime Minister to say “clearly” if he wants to “expel us from the government”. “First the resolution on weapons, then the question of the igniter and superphonos within Dl Assistance”. The whole five-star rhetoric of “we are against everyone” faded in a matter of minutes. However, it is not possible to confirm that this actually happened. To make public the fact that there was a phone call between the former prime minister and Drake in the first instance, it went on to say: “We talked to Conte a while ago – he says – we started to clarify, we’ll hear from you tomorrow. (Today’s version) See you soon”. In addition, another clarification about holding executive power: “No, the government is not in danger”. But then the story takes on unimaginable dimensions, and from Palazzo Siki they are forced to intervene to deny de Masi: “Prime Minister Pepe Grillo was never asked or asked to remove Giuseppe Conte from the M5S”.

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But the five-star MP justified it by saying “it doesn’t matter”. “If he refuses, it’s because of him,” they say excitedly. Statements at hand – The Prime Minister was very careful not to even touch the idea of ​​denial verbally. Above all, those who routinely move into these conflicts note, “The Prime Minister need not deny the rumor spread by a sociologist who spoke with Girillo, who has spoken to him. We are serious! They are grillline fights. Further De Mayo, Who is well aware of these conflicts, intervenes: «Surreal debate. This dynamic risks undermining Italy’s credibility. You can not only be “responsible” on Sundays, it creates tension and instability throughout the week. After all, the history of recent days is that that mess was sometimes taken via Campo Marzio. Grillo’s descent certainly did not help. No real agreement was reached even on the limit for the second installment. To the founder, the rule is untouchable. But not all the elect believe. Leaders later explained that “the situation is frozen and the referendum (promised by the end of the month) has been postponed.” Meanwhile, Giancarlo Chancellori, a two-time councilor in Sicily and now deputy secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, is being forced to withdraw his candidacy for the primary with the Democrats in view of the autumn regions. Many complain that he resigned too much because of the continued decline in support for “Behold, now go with de Mayo” and ended up on the margins of the administration. “The movement is in danger of emptying itself, unity is needed,” they added. Yesterday seems to be the latest move in a strategy, one charge at a time, which will create some problems for the government.

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