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Prime Minister, Mario TrackI arrived at the Chateau de la Muette headquarters this morningOcse in Paris, To the Italian-led Cabinet this year. Secretary-General Matthias Carmen initially thanked the Prime Minister.

L ‘Taxation agreement At the G20 summit in Rome, Draghi called the OECD ministerial meeting a global “historic event.”

“Efforts to avert a food crisis should begin with the release of ports and thousands of grains there. War Ukraine, Grain freeze emphasizes that “rising prices are causing global catastrophe”. “The G7 and the EU have shown significant solidarity and solidarity in supporting Ukraine, and are pressing Russia to resume talks – he added – adding that only the EU has approved six sanctions packages that have dealt a severe blow to oligarchs close to the Kremlin.” “For our efforts to be effective, they must be sustainable over time and involve emerging and developing economies,” he said.

“The EU Council has agreed to consider imposing a price cap on Russian gas imports: this could curb the rise in inflation and reduce the flow of funds to Moscow.” However, Draghi underlined that “discussions are still ongoing and will have to go a long way”.

The EU should consider “certain” “copying” tools such as “helping us recover quickly from the scourge” against expensive energy, Draghi explained at the start of the OECD Ministerial Meeting in Paris. “A similar tool aimed at energy this time around could give vulnerable countries more space to help their citizens in times of crisis, strengthen public support for our joint endeavor, and help maintain stability across the eurozone,” Draghi added. .

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“This emergency should not be an excuse to betray our climate goals, but a reason to double them.” “Accelerating energy transformation is key to moving towards a sustainable model and reducing Russia’s dependence. We must facilitate the expansion of renewables and encourage research and development in new green and clean energy solutions. This means strengthening our framework of ‘hydrogen and development.’

At the heart of the day was the theme of the conflict in Ukraine, which Kormann defined as “unjustifiable”, slowing growth and rising inflation.

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Speaking at a meeting of OECD ministers, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said, “The primary interest of the world is to help protect Ukraine.” “Russia’s occupation must end soon,” Gelensky continued, calling for “painful long-term sanctions.” “The world must stop Russia’s occupation, which is a threat to the world.” Zhelensky’s speech was greeted with applause from the delegates present. For his part, OECD General Secretary Matthias Korman hailed Zhelensky’s “strength and courage” and accepted the invitation of the Ukrainian president to meet with him at the OECD office in Kiev.

After midnight, the “work dinner” between French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Mario Draghi ended at Elysee.

During the Elysée dinner, the two leaders discussed the next G7 and NATO summits, scheduled for later this month, and the Council of Europe to be held in Brussels on June 23 and 24. At the heart of the issues discussed were the development of the Ukraine war and support for Kiev, strengthening European autonomy in matters of food security, security and energy, a diversified energy strategy and a pro-low energy approach from Russia.

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