Eduardo Escobar will miss the Mets match due to an event outside the workplace

New York – Mets player Eduardo Escobar He missed Thursday’s game against the Brewers due to what manager Buck Showalter described as an “off-site event”. Neither Showalter nor other Mets officials have elaborated further, except to say the team will know more on Friday.

“That’s all I can say legally,” Showalter said.

Escobar appears to have some sort of medical problem, and Showalter also cited HIPAA rules in explaining why he couldn’t comment further. The manager also noted that he checked several times with coaches about Escobar’s condition during the Mets’ 5-4 win over the Brewers. But when asked directly if Escobar was injured, Showalter declined to comment. Mets general manager Billy Ebler also declined to comment, as did a team spokesman. Escobar did not appear in the Mets’ bunker during the match.

Asked if Escobar might be available for Friday’s opening series against the Marlins, Showalter replied, “I don’t know yet. We’ll let the people who deal with him in the medical profession do their job, and then they’ll let us know.”

The Mets’ third starting man, Escobar, was absent from the squad despite spending a day in DH on Wednesday and almost always playing against left-handed pitchers like Brewers’ Aaron Ashby. Before the match, Showalter indicated that he was seeking clarification regarding an unidentified injured player. The Mets didn’t release their lineup until about 90 minutes before the game was scheduled to start.

Escobar, 33, cuts 0.236/.301/.397 with five home runs in 60 games.

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