Eight were evicted after a wild brawl between the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels

ANAHIM, CA — The Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels got involved in a lengthy, full-team brawl in the second half Sunday after two days of tensions simmering inside the stadiums.

Both managers and six players were sent off after the commotion stopped and started twice before Angels closer Rizel Iglesias He returned to the empty field to throw a basin of sunflower seeds and another bucket of gum on the field.

Three of the first four hitters in the Seattle lineup were knocked out, while three Angels were bowled.

Seattle Jesse Winker He was hit by the first pitch of the second half by the opening angels Andrew Wantzwho also threw land behind the head of the number 2 hitter in the sailors, Julio Rodriguezin the first half.

It seemed like Rodriguez’s first pitch was definitely a response to him Eric SwansonFast 95 mph near Mike TroutHis header in the ninth game Saturday night, a throw that infuriated the AL MVP three times. The referees gathered together after the stadium, but only issued warnings to both informants.

Winker responded to the beating with angry screams and nods to the angels’ lair, and the two sides charged each other moments later, with both benches and benches emptied. The brawl lasted about four minutes, and people from both teams appeared to throw several punches.

When Winker finally left the field, he seemed to be making a lewd gesture to the jeering crowds of Angels behind his Seattle hideout.

After the teams returned to their hideouts, Iglesias returned a few moments later to hurl sunflower seeds and chewing gum while shouting furiously at the referees.

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Los Angeles interim manager Phil Nevin and Scott Servier have been fired from Seattle. Angels lost Wentz, Iglesias and the Savior Ryan Teberawhile Winker, Rodriguez and GB Crawford It was thrown for the sailors.

The goalless match was delayed by about 18 minutes, and resumed with a runner’s strike Adam Fraser Initially for Seattle and Jose Suarez On the Hill in Los Angeles.

The rivals met at El West for the eighth time in 11 days, as the Mariners were on course for a sweep at Anaheim after the Angels won four of five in Seattle last week.

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