Elections France 2022, direct ballot | Macron was ahead of Le Pen

From Chiara Severgnini, Greta Sclaunich and online editorial

About 48.7 million voters have been called in to vote between outgoing President Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

According to initial estimates, with the seats closed Emmanuel Macron Condition Elise was re-elected With 58.2%. The outgoing president was wanted a second time, but never before Extreme right It has come very close to a possible election for Elysee.
Are approx 48.7 million French citizensThose invited to vote will have 8 to 20 seats open, but Strong neglect is feared.
The first figures of 12 votes show a decline compared to the 2017 runoff. At 5 p.m., the vote was down 63.23% from the first round. The first shots will have to wait until 8pm for voting to end.

20:14 – Macron is re-elected president

Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron He was subsequently elected President of France for the second time. His rival, Marine Le Pen, conceded defeat and said he still had a remarkable result: with more than 43% of the vote, the result was a resounding victory in itself. Meanwhile, the first congratulations came to the re-elected president. Dear Emmanuel Macron A dear “good”. At this critical juncture, we need a solid Europe, a France with full commitment to a more sovereign and strategic EU. EU Council President Charles Michel tweeted that France can be trusted for another 5 years.

20:00 – First screenings: Macron ahead of Le Pen

According to initial estimates, Macron released between 57.6 and 58.2%, just seconds after polling stations closed in major cities; Le Pen is no more than 42.0%. Slogans of victory have already been raised at the headquarters of the outgoing Presidential Election Commission.

19:44 – Last minutes waiting for two candidates

The far-right candidate in the French presidential election, Marine Le Pen, Following the results of the ballot, arrived at the pavilion in Armenionville, near Paris. A press conference was waiting for her. Meanwhile, in the Campo di Marte – the location was selected Macron For election evening – hundreds of supporters have already arrived: waving French and EU flags and gathering in front of a stage set in the middle of the gardens.

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7:39 pm – Foreign Region Results Revealed: Journalist Coffee During Live French Television

According to the Belgian media, according to the Belgian media, the National candidate for the race assembly Marine Le Pen will be in the lead. . If we believe the domain-domain results, Marine Le Pen has a big vote, Saffron said before being interrupted by the editors of the French channel who tried to fix the problem. The controversy has just begun on social media in France.

7:22 pm – Most polling stations are closed, there are big cities

A few minutes ago, at 7 pm, most of the polling booths for the French presidential election were closed. Seats are open until 8pm in major cities such as Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice. They all opened at 8am today.

6:36 pm – Belgian media: 55% and 58% in four macron studies

Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron has been confirmed to be at the forefront of recent polls conducted by major French investigative agencies: his advantage limit is between 55% and 58% of the vote. As we have read in the French-speaking Belgian press, he has the power to spread opinion polls even when the election is quiet: the challenging Marine Le Pen gets 42 to 45% of the vote.

6:27 pm – US Embassy: Risk of post-election unrest

The U.S. embassy in France warns of dangers such as terrorism and unrest, but as soon as the results of the presidential election are announced, violent protests could take place starting at 20pm today. Spontaneous demonstrations in major French cities after 8pm can turn violent under the law. The embassy has therefore called on its fellow citizens to refrain from protesting. They are said to be in Lyon and planned in Station Square in Strasbourg.

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18:03 – Macron and Le Pen celebrate when they win

Where to celebrate success? Every candidate in the second round should ask for it at the right time so that travel and logistics can be better planned. So we already know what goals will be selected Emmanuel Macron And Marine Le Pen. The outgoing president plans to speak at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In 2017, Macron wanted to speak under the monument to Ville Lumiere, but eventually had to deliver a victory speech from the Louvre Pyramid after the capital city refused to accede to his request. His rival, on the other hand, plans to reach thirteen buses of his campaign in Boulogne and then merge with the convoy in Paris. Each of the thirteen buses represents a French region, and they follow Le Pen’s car, according to a planned route around the main Parisian, so that the French monuments of the capital are confirmed. FranceInfo Federation National Executive.

17:01 – Voting at 17.00

As of 5 pm, 63.23% of the vote had been cast First round (At the same time, when 65% of the electorate voted): This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior. In 2017, at the same time, the turnout was slightly higher, with an accuracy of 65.30%.

According to a survey now drawn by Elabe BFMTV And ExpressThe turnout in the second round of the French presidential election could be as high as 28%: if the forecast is correct, it will be the highest turnout since 1969.

15:22 – The importance of the weather

Who will win the election? The answer to this question may be affected by the weather. Opinion polls suggest a clear advantage for the outgoing president: between 42.5% (Ipsos) and 47 (Otoxa), 45 passed for Ipoh and 44.5 for Elabo.

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The only danger Macron Indicated by neglect. Here it is, Aldo Cazzullo explainedClimate Change Can: It is raining in the northwest and southwest cities today: Brest and Rennes, Bordeaux and Toulouse can be induced to stay at home.

2.00 pm – Le Pen: I’m calm, I’m confident in French

I am calm, I have confidence in the French people who seem calm and determined about themselves Marine Le PenThe race-candidate national candidate for the presidential election, while voting at his college in Henin-Beaumont in northern France, where he left several selfies with his supporters.

13:12 – Macron’s meeting at Le Touquet

Outgoing French President, Emmanuel Macron, And his wife Brigitte simultaneously voted at their polling station in Le Touquet, in the north of France, in the same constituency (Pas-de-Calais) where his opponent Marine Le Pen had already voted. As he left his home and came to the polls, Macron, along with Brigitte, was surrounded by dozens of cameras as hundreds of supporters shook hands with him, hugged and kissed him, and took a selfie next to him.

12:04 pm – Voting 26.4%

Voting took place at 12 p.m. 26.41%, Less than the 2017 ballot, while 28.23% of eligible voters voted. This is two points less than the 2017 ballot, but one point more than two weeks ago, during the first round of elections, Was 25.48%.

11:15 am – Le Pen Henin-Beaumont casts his vote at the polls

French media have reported that Marine Le Pen, the National candidate for the presidency, voted at 11 a.m. at his college in Henin-Beaumont, in the north of France.

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