Elizabeth and her granddaughter Lilliput teamed up on a very special date

Small LilliputThe second child of Harry and Megan Markle, turns one this year, and will do so on a special date Queen Elizabeth, Grandmother who has never met. The little one, in fact, will be engaged in the celebrations of his 70th reign of sovereignty when he blows his first candle.

Elizabeth and Lilliput, special date connecting them

As announced last year, Queen Elizabeth marks 2022 The most important goal. Queen prepares to celebrate Platinum Jubilee, which represents a real achievement: Elizabeth II officially turns 96 Sovereignty that has lived a long time The UK has always been.

Although the Jubilee comes in February, the celebrations are shifted to the summer, to be exact on the long weekend. 2022 June 2 to 5. If these days are already important to the Queen, there is one element that adds more weight: precisely June 4th, in fact, in the midst of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the reign, granddaughter Lilliput will be one year old.

A special date to put them together, as well as the name of the little girl who put them together. Harry and Megan Markle have chosen to give their second child a nickname With him Prince Philip will call for sovereignty. He was the only one who used this sweet name Selection of Lords of Sussex At the time it caused controversy (not a little).

The Platinum Jubilee program includes tradition Trooping the ColorA ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral and a Excellent show in the presence of the royal family and citizens British. Then on June 4, Little Lilipet’s birthday, there will be a special event on the Epson Derby and the “Platinum Party at the Palace”, with a concert broadcast live from Buckingham Palace on the BBC.

Queen’s Jubilee, a half-day party

Trooping the Color of 2021 is still remembered for its pictures with Queen Elizabeth. One of the classic and oldest festivals in England was held to officially celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. The Last year’s festival was very close, A regular meeting of the Royals looking out of luxury or out of the balcony. Thanks to Govt, of course, but most of all The irreparable loss of Prince PhilipWhich left sovereignty with a vacuum in her heart.

This year’s celebrations are still important, given the Queen’s incredible milestone, but Always missing something. Ironically, it will be the first year for her little granddaughter when she will be busy celebrating her 70th year on the other side of the ocean. She, once again, will be far away.

Since coming to the world, the Queen has not yet been able to meet the little girl who has not set foot in England. Not only lessons but everyone believed that Jubilee could happen Opportunity to finally reunite the royal family, But Harry’s recent moves suggest that he still has a long way to go. The Lord of Sussex said he was ready to take legal action Until reassigned to his deputyThe privilege of no longer being available to him because of the loss of titles.

First is the death of his beloved Philip, a lifelong friend. Meghan and Harry then flee to California with their nephews Archie and Lilliput. Finally, the investigation seen among the accused Son Andrea. Definitely this Jubilee It’s a good party, but it’s half over.

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