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Renato Farina

Nothing to say. Mario Tracy A terrible cashier. Taken from Council of Europe About a loud room – and Italy with him Gas price ceiling This will help to reduce spending and hurt Moscow by reducing the cash flow in Moscow’s treasury. Drake’s proposal did not cause a contraction. It was clear that he would succeed, especially as he enjoyed the full support of the leaders of France, Germany and Spain. The Netherlands, on the other hand, which claims to be dwarfs, was enough to send upside down maps of the shared troika of all kinds. Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholes. Before describing the treacherous moves of Dutch private mark Root, who won the game of political theft, it is worth explaining why this failure is catastrophic, even though Supermario has always been as handsome as Brutus’ ally.

By doubling the value of fossil fuels in the Western market, Russia has halved the amount of gas it supplies to Italy, and even more so to Germany, without losing the euro. What Putin is carrying is being reclaimed by Germany’s coal-fired power plants, while Italy’s war strategy in Qatar, Algeria and Azerbaijan is apparently gaining ground at the price of gold. Not only that. Beyond the damage, there is also the shame of not having a roof: Putin is actually selling the gas he refuses to Europe to India, as a result of increasing revenues and tying his existential and strategic destiny to an atomic power by an iron cable. 1.4 billion citizens are rich.

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Not recognized – In short, according to general knowledge and eminent European bond analysts, this decision was needed as the crisis intensified in these months.
Moreover, our Prime Minister expects a small thank-you note from the 27 heads of state and the government of the Union: he, as the head of the ECB, saved the euro, and ‘it was on the day of the invasion of Ukraine. He, as the master of the bankers who imposed the financial sanctions against Russia, acknowledged that Italy would pay the greatest price in connection with the prosperous trade between the two countries for the renewed friendship by Berlusconi that lasted from Doliati’s time. . Drake thought that the approval of the aforementioned countries’ numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 was sufficient for Europe’s GDP, so that the “price ceiling” of yesterday and July could get a slump to achieve a meeting that would implement the limit price. Beyond that no country in Europe can buy or sell methane from any state (alas, the main thing here). Putin is not the only thief and speculator in the world. The problem is they are at home. The truth is, like Alice in Wonderland, Draghi was not a dear friend on the council, but found herself in the presence of the Queen of Diamonds: “Let’s cut off her head!”. Wow, Europe is so good, especially in the north, so friendly with Ukraine, but more than just one’s own wallet.

Except for Vladimir from St. Petersburg, a certain Mark from The Hague, 55 years old, actually one meter and 93 feet tall, kicked around us.
Rutte won the game by teaching Drake, the champion of moderate liberalism, a lesson in cannibalistic liberalism. Rutte has become a spokesman for Northern European countries. Question: Aren’t they popular as people with a culture of equality and social democracy? Bales. The Scandinavian countries and the West North Sea and Baltic countries do not need gas, but they extract it and sell it. Especially Holland.

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He does not want to have a ceiling on his income. Rutte said: Are we supporters of the free market or not?
The market will beat Russia, not the controlled price. Hey, but (not so much) dear Mark, do you not realize that we are at war and that some parameters need to be adjusted to reality? Tracy lost. Mark Rutte also joked: “There is no study that can prove Drake’s thesis. See you in October and see what the techies have to say. It sucks. On behalf of all of us Italians, Draghi was the greatest supporter of the economic rope around Putin’s and the millimeter designer. It received him applause on behalf of Western dignitaries and kicked Moscow in the leg. But worse than Putin is the EU.

Preserving Discipline – Despite the fact that he was a boxer with an iron jaw, Tracy Ubergat made his debut a few minutes later, pretending to bear shyness easily. “Gas storage for the winter is good. Our dependence on Russian gas has dropped from 45 per cent to 25 per cent. I am optimistic.” Speaking of many things, Tragi uses Pasucca in his relations with the knife-brothers of Europe and NATO, and there is a word that should give shape and rigor to Italy’s way of staying in two alliances: equally. But only on paper, because in essence they kill us and pinch others. , But does not make his aircraft carriers available in Naples, or does he rent out Carnival’s massive cruise ships and invite Odessa refugees to land in North Carolina or Virginia? Equality, put it in hydraulic terms, will equalize the members of the alliance like a siphon does. Yet in court words, in Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment ethics, it is a question of using the rule of “bearing one another’s burdens” which is the basis of any alliance between equals. What does this mean in practice? We send gas bills to the Netherlands and Sweden.

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