Eurojackpot Winning Numbers / Drawing Today 31 December 2021 (conc 52/2021)

Success numbersEurojackpot Released a few minutes ago. What is the last drawing of this year is that the good toasts of 2022 have been brought forward a few hours and now we are ready to let you know the result of it. Match No. 52, To allow you to continue verifying your coupons. As always, since the winning sections of this Continental Lottery are many and varied, further verification with all available telematics tools is recommended, as no details should be omitted or omitted during the verification process.

So, you’ll find out tonight San Sylvester 2021 She will prove she is lucky and the new year will open with the lavish success of the gift pool. Between one option and another, at “” we hope that as many winners as possible will be hidden among you, so that your wishes will be fulfilled by the end of the year. (Update by Alessandro Nidi)

Eurojackpot, drawing the winning numbers today 31 December 2021

Winning Combination




(Successful numbers Eurojackpot Published on the official website of the state monopolies, We disclaim all responsibility for any errors in sending the winning numbers of the competition, and invite you to check directly on the monopoly website. And / or recipients)

Eurojackot, how did the extraction take place 7 days ago?

Thanks for banging last year Eurojackpot? For many, today, Friday, December 31, will be exactly like this. In fact, tradition is to be expected Extraction of success numbers Friday, not postponed due to holidays. In fact, Lady Luck is ready to do her part with significant success. There are 10 million euros to catch, which means someone got the much-coveted win last week. In fact, 5 + 2 was achieved in Germany for 12 million euros.

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Italy did not go so well, but it did not get any worse, considering that it was 5 + 0 for less than 30 thousand euros: to be precise, won 29,789.30 euros. Even the 4 + 2 scorer could not complain as he brought home 4,108.80. Less predatory than the others we have reported, but will undoubtedly be comfortable in these critical times. Beauty EurojackpotHowever, it does offer gifts with 12 payout types!

Eurojackpot, Year-End Extraction: How to Play

L ‘Eurojackot extraction He was especially lucky on Christmas Eve, but it was able to give great satisfaction on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve. This would be a good way to start the new year, wouldn’t it? After all, objectives never diminish, and an economic “push” is often needed to achieve them. Millionaires are always hoping and the first prize is to arrive tonight with a new encounter with Eurojackpot, the first jackpot game to feature 18 European nations.

How to play? The process is simple: you have to choose at least 5 numbers out of 50 and 2 out of 2 euro numbers out of 10. 5 + 2 to 2 + 1 can win by hitting 12 winning divisions. But most of all, you can play at bookstores and online, so if you do not want to go out to place your bet Eurojackpot, You do not have to be afraid to skip today’s match, because you can play online as long as you have a gaming account.

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