Europe weather – Eunice fury with devastating winds, records in the UK, casualties, canceled flights in London. Live Photos and Videos 3B Meteo

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Updated at 19:50 – Twenty devastating United Kingdom, five killed, several injured and millions of pounds of damage – Eunice is the worst winter hurricane to hit the UK. The Center for Meteorology has reported strong winds of 122 mph in the Isle of Wight. At 200 km, A type 3-4 tropical cyclone-like. And unfortunately At least five people were reported affected: A Man Killed in Wexford County Ireland After being struck by the fall of a tree e A woman in her 30s in London Unfortunately he had the same fate. 3 more people in the Netherlands were killed when trees fell on the cars they were in. Many more were injuredIncluding one Girl It will be inside Very severe conditions After being hit by debris falling from the roof at Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

Super Storm hFor felled old treesLight pylons, tearing roofs and canopies, smashing windows and porches At least 40 thousand people without light. In the meantime it is Red alert The Met Office has advised officials not to let everyone out of the house.

Because the storm is blowing Rail traffic is partially or completely blocked As in the south of England, all trains depart and depart from there London Crushed, there is no other way to avoid accidents. Air traffic was also reduced to a minimum or sometimes disrupted due to major difficulties with both flight departure and landing. Many roads were closed And bridges or flyovers, in which numerous lorries have overturned. Severe damage in the City of London as well, destroying coverage of the O2 area southeast of the city. L. in the center of the cityThe wind was blowing at a speed of 150 km per hourMany people, just a few of those on the street, were blown away by the wind.

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Heavy snow Instead they are creating serious problems in Scotland where real storms are breaking

Eunice, with anger from the Atlantic – The amber warning that the Meteorological Office has begun, is very rare, and perfectly reasonable. The arrival of the second super storm Younis That is changing Worse than Dudley That’s it. The minimum minimum pressure during these hours is less than 24 hours deep 974Hpa It is more or less located in Glasgow and pulls the northwest polar winds to Ireland and Scotland, and very light winds over the English Channel and the North Sea. In fact, snowfall in Scotland and Northern Ireland Up to low altitudes, even near the plane when it rains in the central-southern England, the English Channel and the North Sea Temporary.

But at least with the translation to the east the situation is much more evolving The frost spread across the UK And snowfall is expected across the UK and even lower in France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, where it is currently raining. The difference between the two different air masses gave it precision Energy for this powerful hurricane It brings hurricane force winds over the Celtic Sea, Cornwall and Wales The wind is blowing at a speed of 150 km per hour And speeds of up to 180 km / h. Announcement by British authorities “Stay at home

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Eunice in the next few hours It can be deepened up to 965hPa, The wind will intensify again They will also invest in northern France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. So we are waiting for further improvements The first video contributions are coming in, and with the possibility of following the live stream, other updates will follow

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