Exhaust missiles, Moscow launches Cold War rockets (designed to carry nuclear weapons)

The Missiles Accuracy is exhausted. Army of Vladimir Putin It is therefore “mandatory” to launch rockets Cold War. Carrier-designed missiles Nuclear weapons. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has warned that the five-and-a-half-ton missiles are designed to target aircraft carriers and cause “significant parallel damage and civilian casualties” to the forces. Ukrainian Area Donbass.

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Missiles are exhausted, Russia launches Cold War rockets

“When operating in a ground attack role with a conventional warship, they are very inaccurate and, therefore, can cause significant parallel damage and civilian casualties,” the ministry said. The alarm that comes in the days when Russian troops focus on their efforts to capture territory in eastern Ukraine.


Success Chevrodonetsk It is currently the main target of Russian forces. The city is still one of the last regions of the Lukansk region under Ukrainian control, and its fall will, according to experts, allow it to extend its control over the entire region of the Kremlin, along with the Donets, the Donbass. Russia’s attack on Azot chemical plant in disputed city of eastern Ukraine has caused a major fire. Lugansk Regional Governor Serhiy Gaidai said the fire was caused by a spill of tons of crude oil. For hours they tried to put out the fire, and in the evening more than 800 civilians and soldiers who had taken refuge inside began to leave the premises. “The exit from Gate 2 of the chemical plant is taking place – said Rodin Miroshnik, ambassador to the self-styled Lugansk People’s Republic. The gate is not under the control of militants. People are being rescued by Allied forces. Miroshnik said.

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