False Russian article on the “denunciation” of Ukraine

On April 3, the site RIA NovostiA large state-controlled Russian news agency, posted A comment article Entitled “What Russia Should Do to Ukraine”, the author describes how the process of “denunciation” of Ukraine, which provoked the most severe reactions in some Western countries, should take place. “Denunciation” is one of the obvious motives of the invasion quoted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who falsely claims that a Nazi regime dominates Ukraine.

The article, among other things, talks about the “dissolution” of the Ukrainian elite, and argues that the Ukrainian people must be subjected to a process of “re-education” and “ideological repression”, which will lead to “deucrainization” and “deucrainization”. The country’s “Europeanization” will effectively lose its national identity and even its name, “Ukraine.”

Of course, there are terrible conditions in the article, but it is based on false assumptions: in Ukraine No Nazi rule. President Volodymyr Zhelensky – even a Jew – was democratically elected in 2019, and neo-Nazi groups are not represented in parliament and are part of a very minority margin in the country’s politics. The famous and controversial Azov Battalion, a militant group affiliated with the Ukrainian army, apparently held pre-war neo-Nazi positions. There were only a few hundred members in it.

Author of the article “Denunciation” Timofei SergeitsevA Russian filmmaker and commentator often writes RIA Novosti And in other state publications, and is known for his radical nationalist positions. Sergei Zhev He is neither popular nor influential, but he still has a few names in the Russian media.

Especially in Italy (which was more widely distributed than other places), some newspapers described the article as a “manifesto” of what the Russian government would like to do if it could seize Ukraine. However, it is not possible to confirm that the article is an explanation of the government’s plan. Most commonly, in the Russian media – the most recognizable – extreme, conspiratorial and irresponsible positions, from the war in Ukraine to the use of nuclear weapons in Europe, spread with frequency and some restrictions: this is possible by article Sergei Zhev Should be considered as one of these extreme views.

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However, in a country where the media is strictly controlled by the authorities, the article was published on the website of a major state news agency. We can not say for sure that the article received open government recognition, but if it is published, its arguments may reflect the pervasive sentiment among Putin’s collaborators that the Russian regime is happy.

According to Giovanni Savino, a professor of history and expert in Russian nationalism who lived in Moscow for many years, the article did not agree with the government’s plans, but was “read at high levels and approved, and testifies to the intentions of a part of it. The Russian establishment.”

We have translated and commented on some passages because they may somehow shed light on the ideas in circulation in Russia regarding Ukraine written for the Russian audience.

The purpose of the article is to illustrate how the destruction of Ukraine could occur after Russia’s military victory: initially, he explained that the process could not only worry the government, but also a large segment of the population.

Today the issue of denunciation has moved to a practical level. […]
Denazification is necessary when a significant section of the population – often the majority – is inspired and subjected to the policies of the Nazi regime. The idea that “people are good, government is bad” is not possible. […]
Denazification is a set of measures to be taken in relation to the Nazi segment of the population, which technically cannot be directly punished as a war criminal.

First, the militant part of the conflict – which is entirely Nazi, according to the author – must be eliminated.

The armed Nazis must be destroyed as much as possible on the battlefield. There should be no significant differences between the military and the so-called “National Battalions” of volunteers and the land defense organizations affiliated to these two military organizations. They are all equally involved in violence against civilians, equally responsible for the genocide of the Russian people and do not respect the laws and rules of war. War criminals and Nazis must be punished expeditiously and exemplary. It should be a complete refinement.

The Nazis were not the only Ukrainian militants. He says even a significant portion of the population, though not fighting, is a “passive Nazi”. Sergei Zhev.

However, in addition to the above, significant sections of the population who are passive Nazis or allies of Nazism are equally guilty. He supported and supported the Nazi power. Only by supporting the inevitable efforts of a just war against Nazism can a just punishment be meted out to the people of this region, which is being carried out with the utmost care and prudence on the part of the public.
Further denial of these people is carried out through re-education, ideological repression and severe censorship of Nazi behavior: not only in the political sphere, but also in the cultural and educational system. […]

The article goes on to describe how denationalization takes place: it includes, among other things, the complete “degranization” of the country and “de-Europeanization”, which should even drop the name “Ukraine”.

Denunciation can only be carried out by a winner, and this means that he has complete control over the denunciation process and the ability to guarantee it. This is why a nation that has been deported cannot be sovereign. The government that eradicates Nazism, Russia in this case, can not take a lax approach on the basis of denunciation. […]

The denaturation periods can in no way be less than one generation, so that it is born, grows, and matures in a degenerate environment. Ukraine has been nationalized for more than 30 years, at least since 1989, when Ukrainian nationalism was recognized and legalized, leading to the movement for “independence” and Nazism. […]
No state institution that has been completely destroyed in an area liberated by the Nazi regime can explicitly bear the name “Ukraine”. […]
Denazification inevitably becomes deucrainization […] For example, as history has now shown, unlike Georgia and the Baltic states, Ukraine is not a nation-state and attempts to “build one” will inevitably lead to Nazism. Ukrainian is an artificial anti-Russian construction that does not have its own civilized content […]. The denationalization of Ukraine inevitably signifies its Europeanization.

The article then describes the various stages of denationalization, including a division of the Ukrainian territory: the fact that the “Catholic” part of the country (ie the western part) can not be trusted. Denunciation is beneficial, so it must be militarized and made harmless: “All those who hate Russia will go there.”

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To others Sergei Zhev It foretells severe repression of the Ukrainian armed forces and “those responsible for spreading Nazi ideology and those who supported the Nazi regime,” and condemns “forced labor” by all allies of the regime. Densification organisms must be active for 25 years. Sergei Zhev Concludes:

Immigration to Ukraine is at the same time colonialism, which the Ukrainian people need to understand when they begin to free themselves from the so-called European choice of addiction, temptation and addiction.

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