Fish slaughter in the Bay of Biscay. “The fault of a super fishing boat” –

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Environmentalists complain: The Margris ship, already banned in Australia, was thrown into the sea at least 100,000 miles.

Fish slaughter in the Bay of BiscayAn extension of the Atlantic Ocean between the west coast of France and the north of Spain. A large floating cheetah herd (Used to make surimi) The dead man was found about 300 kilometers away La Rochelle. Bodies – reported by the Environmental Association Sea Shepherd France And confirmed by local authorities – they were thrown into the water by a type of man-made sea monster, Margaris, mega fishing boat At 143 meters, it is the second largest in the world, after all The giant nets used for fishing were broken. The dead fish will be at least 100 thousand, the affected area covers an area of ​​about 3 thousand square meters, as evidenced by photos and videos posted on social media. The French government and the European Commission have announced an inquiry.

Margris was previously banned from Australia Fishing methods are considered to have a greater impact on marine ecosystems. Margris admits to an accident, the nets being broken. Lamya EssemlaliAn activist who leads a volunteer organization called Sea Shepherd France, told Reuters the story of a super fishing boat after it was banned from Australian waters run by a Dutch company. It has a 600 meter long net that is capable of holding 6,000 tons of fish.

Visit Saint Jean de Lus (In the Atlantic Pyrenees), French Minister of Fisheries, Annik Girardin, Did not hesitate to define stunning images; And the EU Commissioner for the Environment, Virginius syncaviusPromised to investigate. According to Pelagic Freezer-Trawler AssociationThe European Union of Freezer Trawlers, Margris Network accidentally broke on Thursday morning, but this is a very rare occurrence: in accordance with EU rules, the incident was recorded in the record book and the flag status of the ship was reported to the authorities, Lithuania. France protects sustainable fishing, which does not reflect this. Minister Girardin announced that sanctions would be imposed against the responsible shipowner if the violation was proven. Sea shepherd It has been fighting for years to ban winter fishing in the Bay of Pisces and to protect dolphins in the area.

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