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Small children snatched the hands of their parents who took shelter in the tree when the trailer was blown away!

The end of the world came at midnight. It was two o’clock in the twenties when Amber and her husband, Riley, received a flood warning. She looks out the window and sees the water all around her: her condition goes from carefree to scary in seconds. Time to put clothes and jackets on her four children and their trailer begins to flood. Amber realizes that if they had been inside they would have drowned. They all go out but There is nowhere to go.

The family takes shelter Caravan roof, I thought she would be safe there. They soon realize that their house is about to be blown away. Then they take a deep breath and jump off the roof of the caravan a A tree nearby held the older children by the hand (eight and six years old) and tight hugs to small children (four and two years old).

Meanwhile, the water continues to rise in all the surrounding areas and the rain hits them. They see their trailer fly away. They try to call for help, but 911 is blocked. They hold the babies for a few hours and then the fury of the water absorbs the babies. The mother and father cling to the tree for eight hours before being rescued by a man in a kayak: he is rowing from house to house to rescue those in need.

A is a relative of Amblai Local newspaper The story was later republished by international newspapers. It was one of the saddest accounts that began to emerge after that Disaster struck Kentucky on the night between Wednesday 27th and Thursday July 28th. Amber and Riley now face the greatest pain of surviving their children.

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