Forward with weapons in Kiev

White smoke billowed from the iron plant at 5pm yesterday Like Mariupol. There Russia For days he has been declaring the final war against a few men who will blockade the bunkers. Asvostalin. The Jars’ troops have issued a new final warning, but their real goal is to finally demolish the fort to prevent Tyagi from capturing the city. This was reported by the Ukrainian Security Service, which spread the interruption of a phone call in which a Russian soldier talks about the leadership’s order to demolish steel mills. “Despite the large number, the Russian occupiers will not be able to capture the Ukrainian Mariupol. Therefore – the letter of 007 Kiev In the telegram – they want to demolish the steel plant, where our fighters have security. The occupiers are unaware that civilians are lurking in the plant. The Russians prepare three tons of “surprises” from the sky.


And tons, according to the commander Azov Regiment, Denis Prokopenko, anti-bombs already dropped by Moscow soldiers at the Azovstal steel plant with hundreds of civilians and members of the Nationalist Battalion. Prokopenko explains in a video message that the Russians used the bombs despite the fact that the public, especially women with small and old children, were still aware that they were in the tunnel of the large plant. Already last week Mariupol mayor’s adviser Pedro Andriyushchenko talked about high-powered bombs like the FAB-3000, which Russian soldiers will be ready to use.

The city is now a ghost, destructive everywhere, but Russia cannot be said to have captured it until even the last Ukrainian army abandons the garrison. Local authorities are talking about the 40,000 people deported to Russia or to Russian-controlled Ukrainian regions. Since February, nearly 880,000 people – including 164,000 children – have come to Russian territory and the self-proclaimed republics. Moscow does not know to what extent soldiers and special forces are hiding inside the steel plant. In fact, he fears a sudden entrance because every access road may have been cut. A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation yesterday morning, “In view of the catastrophic situation at the Azovstal metal plant”, renewed the order that “our armed forces are guided by purely humanitarian principles” for “nationalist fighters”. Battalions and foreign mercenaries “lay down their weapons and ammunition and declare a ceasefire from 12.00 (Moscow time) on April 19.” All those who lay down their arms are guaranteed life safety. ” He announced that 120 civilians who had been hiding at the plant had left after the final warning.

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“The Mariupol steel plant, Azovstel, was practically destroyed – admits Sviatoslav Palmer, deputy commander of the Azov battalion.” Troops will soon be completely evacuated from the plant. We will take full control of Azovstalin, the latest tomorrow (today, version).

Phase 2

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s army is attacking a 480-kilometer front in eastern Ukraine – from Kharkiv to Lukansk and Donetsk – to Kerson and Mykoliv – as part of a major offensive known as the “new phase of the war.” Kiev General Staff says Russian forces are concentrating on capturing the Donbass region east of the country. The Moscow army tried to break through almost the entire front line of Ukraine’s defenses, they noted. But so far – Lugansk regional military administrator Sergiy Gaidai explained – they were only able to cross two areas: the eastern city of Kreminna, which they captured, and another small town. Ukrainian civil servants said the Russians had begun to intensify large-scale attacks and that forces were trying to advance into several areas, including neighboring Kharkiv. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirms that the “second phase of special operations” has begun. “We do not expect regime change in Ukraine – he adds – we have said this many times. We want Ukrainians to be free to decide how they want to live. However, nuclear weapons will not be used.


If so, the new attack on the country is being thought of differently. It shows that the Russian forces learned from their mistakes in the very first phase of the invasion. Although the Pentagon sources cited by the Washington Post explain – there are problems with the command chain and the supply of spare parts. According to researcher Mick Ryan, a retired Australian general, the next 48 hours will help to understand: If the Moscow forces make significant progress, it will be a sign of greater efficiency. If it does not, it means that they have not learned from their mistakes and that “Ukrainians are as good as we think.” In preparation for the offensive that had just begun, the Russians amassed troops and supplies for weeks. “They maintain the support of heavy artillery, commanders and controllers, aircraft, especially helicopters,” a senior Pentagon official said. For now, he points out, there is fierce fighting around the city of Bobasna, which was under Ukrainian control before the invasion, and between the self-proclaimed separatist republics of Lukansk and Donetsk. Russian troops want to evacuate from the city of Izium, with the aim of expelling Ukrainian troops from populated areas Bopasna and Slovensk, 200 km north of Mariupol, which has already seen heavy fighting in 2014.

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