France, do not give Vox stones and insults against a partner-

From Stefano Montefiori from Paris

Stephen Claireaux waited in front of the house with angry activists: Arguing is impossible. President Macron’s condemnation: Intolerable aggression

The No violence and sabotage by extremists Against French politicians. As opposed to the last series of the series 57-year-old Stephen Clariax, Macronist MP Of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, a French archipelago off the coast of Canada in the Atlantic Ocean. Claireaux was surrounded and attacked by vaccine opponents In the front door. I was waiting for the protesters to discuss with them. But a car was full of algae and mud so people started throwing it at me. My wife joined me in front of the front door, avoiding the stone they were throwing in our face five centimeters away. The situation was irrational, Someone tore my mask as I shouted that there was no virus. It is impossible to argue, Filled me with insults. It was as if they were stoning me. We have many delegates receiving death threats and they should stop.

Claireaux announced on France Information Radio File a complaint, And released the attack video Minister of the Sea, Annik Girardin: Stphane Claireaux was attacked at his home during a protest against the Health Pass Completely unacceptable. The pictures are deeply shocking. Even the president Emmanuel Macron He brought solidarity to the vice, spoke of intolerable aggression and condemned the intensification Violence against citizens’ representatives.

Last week Macron caused a stir In an interview with Parisian, he declared that he wanted to Break b … I know Vox, Answering a nurse’s question. For months, thousands of citizens protested Health Pass (Equivalent to the Italian Green Cross) Vaccine pass (Like Italian reinforced green bass) Emerges in all cities of France. Representatives of the parties supporting the need for the vaccine, mayors and city councilors, especially La Rpublique En Marche (Macron’s party) Receive emails and letters with insults and death threats.

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