GB: ‘Serial intimidation’, former anti-Brexit spokesman sentenced – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – London, March 08 – “Order, order!” A very harsh disciplinary verdict has been handed down to John Bergo, the beautiful former speaker of the British House of Commons, who is known for inviting people into the classroom to shout. And for its hostility to Brexit. An independent panel set up under the authority of Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Katherine Stone has found that Katherine Stone, a senior official overseeing the Code of Conduct in Parliament, actually carried out “continuous harassment” against her subordinates. The years he served as Speaker of the Electoral Assembly.

Bergov, 59, was questioned for at least 21 different incidents, with 3 clerks or members of parliament being key witnesses. And his faults were certified by the appellate body, which rejected his appeal.

Commissioner Stone asked current leaders in Westminster not to allow the former speaker to enter parliament buildings, and by this time the pass had actually been withdrawn. A whole deportation stamped out by interested parties as a result of “amateur” investigation and “ridiculous justice”.

A former Conservative party supporter, Euroseptic, who had previously repented, was not only re-elected in the last elections in Bergov (who recently switched to the Labor Party but no longer took part in radical politics) and was blatantly disqualified as a member of the House of Lords – practically offered to former municipal spokesmen – By the Tory government of Boris Johnson: As a result of the investigation on him, he was punished above all else. For his approach to the Brexit process and other documents he was opposed by many former party comrades in the last years of his presidency and against the exhibition. (Handle).

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