GDP, Bonomi: “Data raises fears of recession, we need reforms”

According to the president of the Confederacy, Italy needs to implement important reforms at the government table. The parties will be engaged in a “battle between the flags” and will be an obstacle to Prime Minister Drake. Phnom Penh warns of possible repercussions on Italian nuclear production: “We are not prepared to immediately say enough to Russian gas”

GDP data for the first quarter of 2022 is not comforting: Interview with Carlo Bonomi, director of Confindustria, Italyஅகி Mario Saatchi, let’s go into recession. The situation is now more complicated than the Govt-19 epidemic. “Today, unfortunately, we are in the presence of a series of external factors: rising raw material costs, energy costs,” says Bonomi, for whom it is necessary to pursue reforms now. “Stop”: taxation, competition, active labor policies, justice. According to the president of the Confederacy, the fault lies not with Prime Minister Mario Tracy, but with the parties committed to waging their “war between the flags.”

Dragons and Parties

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Line Wedge, What the Confindustria Program Offers: Details

Relations between Confindustria and Prime Minister Draghi are going “very well”. Phenomenon underscores how Italy was able to transform “with its natural river of power: Europe, the United States, NATO”. The Palazzo Chigi-Quirinale print also works well: with Draghi and President Sergio Mattarella, Italy can count on “a couple of aces”. The problem is, “the parties do not have the same interest in this great geo-strategic design.” According to Phnom Penh, political forces did not allow Italy to make the subtle reforms necessary for Italy: “They have begun slowly. The administration of the period, the numerical significance round is voting in June, we will hold regional elections in Sicily in November, we will hold a political referendum in March, if they do not expect it, you need to be close with the Prime Minister to get the strength to make reforms. The clear idea of ​​what to do is not from today: The parties give him the opportunity to do so.

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“Italy has not been able to completely replace Russian gas”

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The economy is receding and prices are still rising

The Obstacles The adoption against Russia did not affect Moscow’s “financial capacity”. According to Bonomi, if you want to take a step seriously in the Kremlin, “Russia’s gas, oil and coal exports must be prevented, but the consequences must be assessed more seriously.” Of these, we must consider what would happen if Italy blocked Russian gas imports. According to the President of Confindustria, “We are not able to completely replace the Russian gas immediately, which would indicate a decline in the country’s output.” However, the union is ready to support “government decisions”.

Nuclear power in Italy

One of the most discussed topics in recent weeks is Italy’s position on nuclear energy. Phenomenon – Italy pays for “decades of misguided energy policies” – “reflects how the country was embroiled in a 34-year referendum on technologies 34 years ago. Technology has changed everything. I want to discuss the merits of this country: the new generation has nuclear power, can we talk about it?” . In terms of phonology, the response should be “competent” and find “grounds for debate in Europe” where “14 out of 27 countries” are already operating with nuclear power.

From the plague to the war in Ukraine

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From the aid, the government acts to support families and businesses: Hypotheses

In terms of phonology, talking about industry is not just about talking about productivity. This is a “national security issue”: its consequences War in Ukraine They prove it. After the economic recovery at the end of the worst period of the corona virus epidemic, “the time has come for the economy to restart”. An illusion, according to Phenomenon: “The light of another train at the end of the tunnel, Putin’s war, the growing tensions between the United States and Russia, the danger of becoming Europe’s mansoni earthenware. Iron vessels.” According to Phenomenon, “It’s time to look at the truth and deal with Italy with the idea that we are in a conflict shaping a new world order. Which game do we want to play? Do we have a vision?”.

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Economic crisis and labor costs

Another open game at the government table is worrying The world of work. According to Bonomi, it is important that taxes are not increased: “16% of Italian companies have already reduced or halted production due to the increase. He says he’s willing to sit down at a table with Orlando, but must first have a proposal to discuss, and he notes: conditioning future interventions for another contract renewal would be the “wrong” choice.

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