“General Commitment to a Sustainable Solution”. Guaranteed gas supply to Italy

Ukraine. Prime Minister, Mario TracyHe spoke by phone with the President of the Russian Federation this morning. Vladimir Putin. At the center of the talks were the Ukrainian crisis and the recent developments in bilateral relations.

Putin: There is a risk of a confrontation with Kiev in NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the possibility of Ukraine’s entry into NATO could create a risk of conflict between Russia and the Crimean alliance: Interfox has said. Russia effectively annexed Crimea in 2014, snatching it from Ukraine with a gun-toting invasion and badges and a controversial referendum.

Recognized by Western countries and most of the international community Crimea As a part ofUkraine. “In Ukraine’s theoretical documents it is written that they want to reclaim Crimea militarily. They are not saying publicly, it is written in the documents,” Putin told Interfax after talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Arban.

“Ukraine is a member of NATO, full of weapons, and can imagine launching an operation in Crimea with modern offensive systems in Poland and Romania. I’m not talking about Donbass right now,” Putin reiterated to Interfax. Begins, so should we fight against the NATO camp? Has anyone ever thought about that? That fact must be taken into account. “

Johnson: “Russian attack would be a humanitarian disaster”

An attack Russia It would be a “political, humanitarian and military catastrophe” against Ukraine. The British Prime Minister said Boris Johnson At a press conference in Kiev with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky.

The Ukrainians are ready to fight “to the end” in the event of a confrontation with Russia. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky during a press conference in Kiev with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “The Russians need to listen to us and understand that war is something that no one really needs,” Zhelensky added.

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Use in Moscow: “The door to diplomacy remains open”

“The door to diplomacy remains open, as confirmed by Foreign Secretary Anthony Blingen,” he told a Russian colleague. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “We do not know what Vladimir Putin will decide on Ukraine, but an invasion could have” rapid and serious consequences. “

Ukraine: Phone call between Drake and Putin

President Drake underscored the importance of easing tensions in light of the dire consequences of a worsening crisis. A common commitment to a lasting and lasting solution to the crisis and to rebuilding the environment of hope was accepted.

In the conversation, “some issues of bilateral agenda were discussed, primarily with the Department of Business and Economic Relations and the Department of Energy”, underlining the Kremlin press service. The same source claims that Putin explained to Tracy the demands of the United States and NATO over security guarantees.


The Russian president also responded to concerns raised by the Italian prime minister about the crisis, underlining the “need for Kiev to adopt concrete steps to implement the Minsk agreements.” In Ukraine, Putin reiterated, avoiding fulfilling promises. Putin and Traki discussed in detail the question of bond security guarantees demanded by Russia. The Russian president noted the “importance of respecting the inseparable fundamental principle of security embodied in the agreements reached within the OSCE.”

Gas question

In a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Drake, Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed Moscow’s intention to “continue to support a sustainable gas supply to Italy.” This is what the Kremlin quoted by Toss says.

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Relations with the United States

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Khrushchev denied the news of Moscow’s response to the US proposal to mitigate the crisis in Ukraine, and the Russian government on the topic of “security guarantees” demanded by Russia. News agency Rhea Novosti. “It does not correspond to reality,” Khrushchev told Rhea Novosti.

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