Government, Yes to the contract: 105 euros and outstanding amount of 1,300 to 2,500

The national contract of about 225 thousand employees of ministries, tax agencies and non-economic public organizations reached its final signing on May 9 in Aran. But the agreement with the unions came 4 months and 4 days after it was signed on January 5th. With the hypothesis of a special pay check in early June before triggering a full increase in normal pay at the end of next month, a mechanism is being explored during these hours to reduce the remaining time for the minimum outstanding amount.

The trip, which put the text into practice from the first contract to its entry, was subject to a long pause at the state public accounting office, where it was practically showered with checks on marginal features, but complicated in accounting. The auditors did the rest of the time registering in court.

Anti-inflation help

However, the expected final action will provide a decisive anti-inflation assistance to the personnel of the “central operations”. Economic consequences during the full operation are marked by an average of 105 euros per month, which is released with an increase in the base salary (from 63 to 117 euros in total depending on the economic situation). Funding for supplementary pay and funding for new terms.

But the biggest shield against rising prices is arrears. This is because the agreement relates to a three-year period of 2019/2021 and is the result of negotiations signed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Pa Reno Brunetta following a public works agreement in Palazzo Chiki last year. Labor unions. “Aran’s firm signature is the perfect crown of the moral path that began with the contract,” says Brunetta.

The stalemate opened

That move to launch rich interventions in public administration has opened up a stalemate that has seen progressive funding for new deals in previous years, but has not completed the funding needed to start negotiations. The result is a strong one-time push toward state wages at the same time as the inflation crisis. In fact, the outstanding amount of the contract is estimated to be between 1, 1,400 and 6 2,600, depending on the economic status of the interested party. In addition, a portion will reach out to employees who have left public administration over a three-year period.

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