Govid: Israel, ‘We get tens of thousands of infections a day’ – Middle East

“The storm is already coming these days, cases are doubling and then doubling again.
There will already be tens of thousands of infections a day in the future. “This is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia.
“Our goal – he added – will not change: to allow the economy to function as efficiently as possible and to protect the weaker ones,” Bennett said, adding that Israel was using the experience gained in parallel with other countries. Including the United States and Great Britain.
Yesterday, the Govt infection was 4,197, with 4.57% of trials carried out. The number of critically ill has risen to 110.
There have been long queues at several centers set up for tampons by health officials in Israel in recent days. Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz expected the posts to be increased, but he also expressed fears that even this intervention could not meet the demand in the face of the immediate spread of the epidemic.

Israel, waiting for a new wave of epidemics from Omigron Place, can reach herd immunity. Nachman Ash, Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Health, mentioned talking to microphones on 103Fm radio. “The cost will be many infections. The number must be very high to achieve flock immunity, which is possible,” he said. However, “we do not want to achieve it through infections, but we want it to happen after the vaccine for many.”

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