Grill, Russian patriot who denies invasion of Ukraine: who he is-

It is now at the crossroads of the sixth set of sanctions promoted by the European Union

Last considered, the other day, Philip K.. It seems to have come from Dick’s short story, which is almost its sequel. The man in the high castleInterpretation of a parallel reality: “Russia has never attacked anyone. It is amazing that a great and powerful nation has never attacked anyone, it has only defended its borders.Grill
Until the century Vladimir Michajlovič GundjaevPerhaps he had not yet read the counsel he had spoken to him in the Christian way Pope Francisco
In an interview with Courier: “Moscow’s patriot can not turn himself into Putin’s sacrificial boy.”

After all, he has been rocking the grill sensor since the beginning of the war Bless the war
Referred to as the “values ​​of world power” Homosexual lobby, The “homosexual march” is understood in the perverse West as a “test” of “freedom”. But now that European Commission Preparing Let him in on the sixth “set” action In response to the invasion of Ukraine, there is a danger Treasures that the grill has always refused or kept And there have been rumors for years, $ 4 billion According to a report Forbes 2006, come on 4 to eight billion Based on estimates Novaya Gazeta.

So, with due respect to the ontological conflict between good and evil, of one War “It’s not just a political meaning,” he said Human salvationWhere humanity ends, “in short” is a struggle without a physical meaning, but a psychoanalysis “, it will be a question of checking the annoying voices that have haunted him for years. Alpine and water skiingWealth he acquired while in Iraq Prohibition The United States and the Russian Church have taken a tenth of the cigarette trade, even the luxury residence in Moscow and the salad in the Swiss Alps, in the Zurich region, the agent “Mikhailov” recruited by the KGB clergy in that shadowy business. When he was archbishop. Ten years ago, they photographed him as he sat in line at an official meeting with an officer Thirty thousand dollar briquette watch On the wrist. Tried Remove it with Photoshop But you can see the reflection on the table, the patriarchal retouching apology.

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It remains to be established why Grill, who spent two months in this area, gave up the rest of the wisdom that his office would impose on him. Up ‘Invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Michajlovic was careful not to expose himself too much in public. He grew up in a religious family Monk in 1969 And created one Dazzling industry From the Soviet years, his studyLeningrad-St. Petersburg Theological Academy In which he later became rector, appointment a Bishop of Wyborg (1976), Archbishop of Smolensk (1984) and Kaliningrad (1988) and the city (1991), Alexei II in 1989 elected him head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and later the “Foreign Minister” of the Patriots, the late Old Patriot and In 2009 he became the grill after him.

Is said to have been Opposed the annexation of Crimea
He also avoided attending celebrations in 2014. In the Orthodox world, explain The extremist twist And is said to have the tones of an army chaplain Affected by internal competition Of the metropolis of Biskov and Borkov, Dikon ShevkunovPutin’s friend, someone who wants to be recognized as the “spiritual father” of the Russian president, is the lone internal enemy in preaching the ideology of the “Russian world” across borders. The country is one of the foundations of Putin’s desire for power.

The Orthodox Church certainly does not have a quiet time. And this “Holy Bishop” In May the Russian Orthodox bishops decided to unite To adjourn the meeting, And the internal settlement of accounts, on the date set “in autumn or winter.” In the meantime It is increasingly isolated, Hereditary inside and out. That’s the whole title of the grill Patriot of Moscow of “All Russia”, An expression that goes back centuries and years to the so-called “little Russia” and “big Russia” with “white Russia”, or Belarus and Ukraine. Based on the data World Council of ChurchesIn Russia they are calculated 113.5 million believers, 8.2 million in Belarus. In Ukraine Will be 30 millionLinked to the patriarchy of Moscow 10,377 Churches: Now, it seems clear, they have The grill dropped To his destiny they go elsewhere.

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