Guerra, Kissinger: “Kiev should give up some territory for peace. The United States and the West are not seeking Moscow’s embarrassing defeat.”

“Negotiations should begin in the next two months, and they will be difficult to overcome: at best, the dividing line should return to the pre-February 24 level invasion of Russia.” Thus, in his speech in Davos, Henry Kissinger Suggested that Ukraine be prepared to cede some territory to Russia Crimea And separatist republics DonbassBring the war to an end and avoid its severity.

And there was a strong warning in the speech of the 98-year-old former secretary of state United States And the West must avoid being driven away by “the mood of the moment” by seeking an embarrassing defeat for Russia. Danger to the long-term stability of Europe. According to Kissinger, it is urgent to find a way to end the period indicated: “Prolonging the war beyond this limit is no longer for the independence of Ukraine, but a new war against Russia”. “I hope the Ukrainians will be on par with the heroism with which they showed wisdom“Kiev needs to recognize this,” said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau “Previous level” Russia formally controls Crimea and informally controls the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Kissinger’s arguments echo what was revealed in a recent editorial New York Times It says Ukrainians must be prepared for “painful regional decisions” to achieve peace. The Times editorial and Kissinger’s words today immediately provoked Kiev’s reaction: “Any concessions to Russia That is not the way to peaceBut a war was postponed for many years, ”the presidential adviser said in an editorial Volodymyr Zhelensky, Mikhail Bodolyak, today tweeted harshly criticizing the words of the aging former Secretary of State. “It is good that the Ukrainians in the trenches do not have time to listen to the provocateurs of Davos: they are a little determined to defend freedom and democracy,” he wrote. Old photo of Kissinger and Putin Shake hands. Even the mate Inna Chowchun He denounced Kissinger’s words as “really shameful”: “It is a pity that the former Secretary of State thinks that relinquishing part of his sovereignty is the way to peace for any country,” he tweeted.

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