He wanted to infiltrate the International Criminal Court

A Russian spy was found in the Netherlands: he was aiming to find secret documents about war crimes in Ukraine in The Hague.

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For 12 years he called himself and created a false identity Victor Mர்ller Ferreira. In fact, his real name Vladimirovich Sergasov: Agent Tower lifting toolMoscow intelligence has learned to mentally tell his fake life hidden in the West.

He said he was around Brazilian, First from nitro. However, something went wrong in April: the Russian spy actually took off his mask after he got inside Holland. This was stated by the secret service of the Netherlands.

The plan of the Russian spy

As revealed, Cherkasov36, landed in the Netherlands to implement his new plan after a period of “inactivity”: it should have been Infiltrated the International Criminal Court in The Hague As an internal worker.

There he had applied for the post Trainee. However, as the Dutch agents waited for him, the covert operation failed Counter-intelligenceAlready invented.

According to Corriere della Sera, according to Western 007, the spy may have been sent from Moscow. Find any confidential documents Related Massacre in Ukraine After the outbreak of war and, perhaps, for that matter Contaminates sources.

The fake life of Sergasov

Vladimirovich Sergasov The real one was written on paper Fake autobiography To be read. He left nothing out, inserting all possible details: complicated childhood, family problems, school memories, aunt who raised him, his first jobs and interests.

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He discovered that when he was a student they called him “Gringo” because they thought he was German. And there is no shortage of looks Social: He created both Twitter and Facebook accounts to avoid raising potential doubts and to prevent a person from appearing like others.

The purpose was to satisfy questions about his past Providing reliable restoration. Thanks for the trick, Ferreira Alias Cherkasov He could spend the entire period between the United States and Europe.

The fact that this covert operation lasted for more than 10 years is a testament to the success of Russian intelligence investment.

Russia’s reaction

It is not clear how Western 007s were discovered and how long they have been monitoring it. The fact is that his imaginary castle collapsed in the blink of an eye.

After the arrest, Cherkasov Was Was expelled from Holland Then a locked one Prison in Brazil.

Head of the Intelligence Agency of the Netherlands, Eric AgarboomHe explained that the spy operation was classified as a “high-level threat”.

Meanwhile, they informed Russia from Moscow She was not involved in the affair in any way. But they responded to the expulsion of secret agents from Holland by expelling about fifteen Dutch diplomats.

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