“Heard a loud noise”

A Airplane of Emirates Traveled for 14 hours with a hole in the trunk. started from Dubai was headed by BrisbaneIn Australia. Passengers panicked. A witness said Al Courier mail “The cabin crew remained calm, cut off food service and went on the phone to check the wings and engines.”

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Emirates flight

Holidaymakers were returning to Brisbane on Saturday (July 2) when part of an Airbus A380 split apart when there was a terrifying sound. The incident took place 45 minutes after the flight took off Dubai. According to reports, passengers on the ground heard the noise. But he was not given any explanation as to the cause of the problem. The reason was given only after completing the 14-hour journey.

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Before landing we were told to land on another runway and have the plane inspected by a suspicious engineer. Car troubleAn Emirates spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that the plane would be repaired. Our flight EK430, which flew from Dubai to Brisbane on July 1, experienced a technical problem during the flight. All passengers disembarked as scheduled. The aircraft will remain in Brisbane for assessments and repairs. “The safety of our passengers and crew is always our top priority.”

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