Here is Independence Day-

Off Luigi Ippolito, reporter from London

United Kingdom the first country to abolish taxation: Prime Minister’s address to the nation today

Came Independence DayGovt Liberation Day in the UK: Today Boris Johnson
Announces the result of the latest dump Associated with infection, in particular The duty of isolation If a positive swap occurs, it starts on Thursday, February 24th. The moment of pride, the Prime Minister says in Parliament: Because of Great Britain First Country a Get out of the emergency completely
After two years of restrictions.

In the evening, after the communication with the delegates, Johnson will speak to the nation In what will be Last press conference Dedicated to the corona virus: also explains the plan to live with the coyote, including the completion of common chores from home and Stop free tampons, Has so far been offered to the whole population in Great Britain. The epidemic is not over – Dir Boris – but thanks to the incredible vaccine campaign, we are one step closer Return to normal Finally people need to regain their freedom. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. Personal responsibility: But from now on the emphasis will be on individual behavior, not on dumping from above.

A However, it was a turning point that not everyone agreed on: Labor believes this is a foregone conclusion and many medical experts are of the same opinion. From more Buckingham PalaceIn the light Infection of the Queen, Let them know that they will act “intelligently” and keep anti-Govt ethics intact. A few did not think Johnson had the desired acceleration Political motivesGiven that the premiere remains The party is under siege for investigationDowning Street locking party scandal.

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But whatever Boris’ motives are, Independence Day Arriving in a UK, it seems eager to make progress – and has done so on a daily basis. By the end of January all regular restrictions had been liftedFrom application Indoor masks (Outside they were never introduced) to a duty Bland green bass (Required for discos and large events only). The difference between everyday life in London and life in Italy, where you have to show certification for even drinking coffee, could not be more significant than this. It sees Britain’s success with the vaccine campaign 91 percent of adults receive at least one dose, 85 recall and 80 third dose. These numbers made it possible to keep the impact of the Omicron variant at bay and provide an opportunity to avoid a return to those restrictions imposed between much of Europe between December and January. Now London is reaping the benefits.

February 21, 2022 (Alternate February 21, 2022 | 12:48)

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