Hoax: “Holder of two doses is like No Vox”. Istituto Superiore di Sanità denies it

Rome, 11 January 2022 – “But you know those who did it Things to doAm I a no-wax? ” Social The storm helped re-launch the hypothesis that those admitted to the hospital and those with two doses of mortality rates would be considered unvaccinated, expressing more than one suspicion and responding by reinforcing their no-vote beliefs. , Quoting Professor Francesco Via, director of Spallanzani, said on television: “When we report those admitted to the hospital, we should not take into account who has the second dose, but who received the booster dose”.

Clearly Controversy Served on a silver platter because those who are not vaccinated have a good game at saying “data is handled” and by doing so you can understand why. Therapy is serious Unvaccinated “.

To clarify the whirlwind of fake news, we contactedInstitute of Higher Health.

“ISS – this is explained to us in a note – considers all cases individually from the first dose of the vaccine to the booster makers in the calculations. Can be found online”. Well, looking at the bulletin numbers, we find that those who took the booster dose had a lower relative risk (infection, hospitalization, etc.) than those who were not vaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated with one or two doses for more than four months have an increased risk, while those who are not vaccinated have a much lower risk.“. Probably,” Professor Vaya said of this, “although it is indeed somewhat difficult to explain,” they observe from the press office.

Not only that. The data referred to by the ISS indicate the combined time of the delta variant and the omicron, which, according to the first studies, were much larger than those vaccinated at two sizes than the ‘hole’ delta. In this sense, “Probably in the coming weeks, even for those with two doses, the risk of not being vaccinated is approaching.If the data of other countries is confirmed, you must log in Be very low on those with boosters “. In short, once againThe importance of taking the third dose. But let’s go specifically to see Table 6 of the last available bulletin In the appropriate section.

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In that table it comes Govt-19 cases per 100,000 reported and hospitalization per 100,000, ICU admission and mortality rates; As well as the risk of vaccination status and age in the last 30 days. Infection, hospitalization rates, and intensive care combinations are calculated for those who have not been vaccinated and for those who have been vaccinated with a full cycle of more than 120 days, within 120 days and with an additional / booster dose.

It is important to remember that management Extra dose / booster It was recently launched and in the first phase it mainly covers only the endangered species “. High with a complete cycle of less than 120 days (80.7 hospitals per 100,000) vaccinated and approximately forty-two times more than vaccinated with an additional / booster dose (17.0 hospitalizations per 100,000) – Highlights of the study -. During the same period The ICU enrollment rate for unvaccinated individuals (in the 80+ range) (38.5 ICU admissions per 100,000) is approximately thirteen times more than the full cycle of vaccination within 120 days (2.9 ICU admissions per 100,000) and approximately 100,000 times. Vaccinated with add-on / booster dose (0.8 ICU combinations per 100,000). Analyzing the mortality rate (in the 80+ range), during the period 11/12/2021 – 12/12/2021, the number of people who were not vaccinated (266.6 per 100,000) was nine times higher than those who were vaccinated in the full cycle. 120 days (29.4 per 100,000) and an additional dose / booster (3.6 per 100,000) seventy-four times more than the vaccine.

Within the day Institute of Higher Health Releases a specific question to unravel another hoax.

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