How much do you love the Communist Party? In China, the government (with artificial intelligence)

A new tool developed by the Hafei Comprehensive National Science Center will allow citizens to understand how aligned they are with the CCP’s position. But this isn’t the first program to track political affection, as existing teaching applications demonstrate. Surveillance plays a key role in Beijing’s plans

Goodbye books and active militancy: in China, to evaluate Party loyaltyA simple program Artificial intelligence. The new frontier of technology is one more step forward or cliff. A new system is createdHafei Comprehensive National Science CenterIt confirmed how it is possible to capture facial expressions and brain waves to understand how compliant a citizen is. Chinese Communist Party (PCC) for Beijing officials to be aware of citizens’ level of affection for the flagship institution is an effective control tool, so as to “further consolidate their faith and determination to be grateful to the Party, to listen to it, and to follow it”.

To describe the operation of the new control device times. According to the British newspaper, 43 scientists were recruited to lead the research team and militants in the party (which has more than 96 million members compared to China’s population of 1.4 billion). : They were asked. Stand in front of a screen and read an article about national politics or what the party has decided. Surveillance cameras record every moment of those few minutes, capturing every tilt of the mouth or more or less suspicious expression. By this, it is possible to assess whether the person in question agrees more or less with what is being presented to him.

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As written in a scientific article, in fact, this tool “can determine on the one hand how party members have adopted political thought and education”, and on the other hand it provides (as far as possible) real data on how to improve actions. ceremony However, what is interesting is that the publication went missing four days ago, on July 1, the birthday of the party.

However, carried out by these methods Xi Jinping To test the faith of the people. Brain wave reading to understand what is going on in a citizen’s head is not yet introduced in China today, but it is part of a larger process and many steps are unknown. A video surveillance system is not limited to control but sense what citizens are doing. It is no coincidence that in authoritarian societies, understanding their attitudes is a fundamental requirement for preempting and eventually suppressing a bad mood. In Zhejiang province, a system has been launched that allows you to assess a student’s growth, while in Hangzhou city, cameras monitor students through their behavior to sense their mood.

The assessment of love for the party is a frontier that has already been discovered. Actually, there is oneProcessor, in which various members gain the trust of the central organization by earning points. Every day, in fact, should reach 40. To get there, you can read four articles, each lasting at least four minutes, or watch three nine-minute videos or answer questions. By doing so, on the one hand, the party knows who is doing their homework and who is not.

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The application has a script name (Read Xi on Making China Stronger – read Xi to make China stronger) and according to the CCP it is necessary to “expand the channel of learning” and “brighten the future”. It can actually improve the political quality and ideological thinking of a party member. It remains to be seen, while control over Chinese citizens is being tightened a little more in the name of the party.

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