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Florida Super Trump champion Greg Stoop goes online from home to attend four House Arms Judicial Committee hearing

From our correspondent
Washington –
The Republican wall over the arms also runs through the ancillary living room Greg Stepe, Super Trumpian from Florida
. Yesterday he went online from home to attend a gun control investigation called by the House Judicial Affairs Committee. It is more of a performance than a political intervention. He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place. “Look, this is a clock 19, the best-selling magazine in the United States. It has 15 bullets. Under the law proposed by the Democrats, this weapon will be banned.” Again: “Now you see a Sig Sauer P226. It is used with 21 round magazine, which becomes illegal according to the law. I could use 12-round magazine, but as you see it does not fit. And, to the last, my favorite: “I carry this with me every day to protect myself, my wife, and my family. This is an Xl Sig Sauer P365. 15 round magazine required. According to your law, this is also illegal“.

The White House will also be satisfied with the downward compromise. In the end, Biden did not want to attack “anyone legally armed” or “express contempt.”

But in words, the Deputy Steube approach expects what will happen in the coming days in Congress. Most Republicans are always ready to reject even the latest appeal of the president. Many of them will follow the drive of Donald Trump, Friday, May 27, three days after the Wolde massacre, Delivered a very aggressive speech at the NRA conference in Houston, in the lobby of the National Rifle Association, gun manufacturers and owners. The former president rejected any possible ban and proposed to place armed guards in front of schools, churches and supermarkets instead.

Be now Check if at least ten Republican senators go free and act as a bank in Python.
Otherwise, as the President himself noted, The word will be sent to voters invited to renew the Chamber and a third of the Senate in November.

June 3, 2022 (June 3, 2022 change | 22:46)

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