“I explain why we are called Nazis in the Azov Battalion, but we are only Ukrainian nationalists.”

Dmytro Kuharchuck, 31, a former Donbass politician and senior, was commander of the Second Battalion of the Azov Regiment in Kiev. Today he is being interviewed Republic To defend himself from the accusation of “Nazism” coming to him from Russia. “Allegations? There is a reason. Azov has always said that Ukraine must be prepared for a major war against Russia, because sooner or later it will strike us. However, our politicians did not trust us and our position was difficult for them. That is why they gave us the image of Nazi extremists. , Swastika photos of the Azov battalion are not much: “Such persons are found in the police, the National Guard and various social groups. We had a small percentage, not now. Nazism is far from me. Our official position as Azov is another: we are Ukrainian nationalists,” he said. Daily Fabio argues with Donacchi’s reporter that he explains to whom the battalion came from: “We have Russians, Belarusians, Georgians, Croats, Americans, English, French. In Mariupol, in 2014, we had an Italian. None of us are paid, we are volunteers. Weapons provided by “Kiev’s regional security, so Mayor Klitschko”. Among them are Russians: “There were 50 people in Mariupol years ago. They are not only fighting for Ukraine, they are fighting for the broader concept of independence: Russia’s denial of independence, Ukraine, on the other hand, is similar.”

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