I had to go on vacation with my ex-boyfriend and it hurt

This wasn’t the breakup vacation I imagined.

While some people are making an escape trip after a relationship ends, a woman is stuck with her ex-husband on vacation.

TikTok user @sadgirlhours3344 has posted about the unusual scenario in her now video, which has been viewed more than 12 million times since it was posted just over two weeks ago.

“On separation, but the flight was irretrievable,” I wrote on the clip. “Vaca for two weeks!!!!!”

In the video, the woman films herself on a beach chair holding a glass of champagne before moving to show her ex-boyfriend sitting next to her near the ocean.

“We broke up before the flight,” she explained in a comment. “The trip was non-refundable. We went on the aforementioned trip.”

The woman posted about her vacation on TikTok which has been viewed more than 12 million times.
Legs of a woman with the ocean in the background.
Many TikTokers have called the user “faking it” – but they swear it’s true.

“Planning for October brings May shock,” she added in another video.

Thousands of TikTok users Comment on the videomany can’t believe she’s still on vacation.

Another wrote: “I’ve learned from experience not to book vacations with your best friend for too long.”

“Lmao at least didn’t ask for your ticket so he could take his new girlfriend,” one user commented.

Some TikTok users think it’s a sign that the couple is supposed to be together, flooding comments with calls for the duo to get back together.

One TikToker user commented, “This is how my boyfriend and I got back together, it’s usually a good thing.”

Another noted that “it’s weird trying to push people together and act like that’s normal,” and the others agreed that “there might be a reason they broke up in the first place.”

Another user wrote, with many in agreement: “Don’t get it if they broke this up, it was a big cause.”

Some questioned whether it was a joke or not, with some users commenting that she posted it with the intention of going viral, something the user addressed in a series of clips with audio clips.

“I made the video with no intention of detonating it,” she wrote in a recent video. “I never made up anything. I don’t care that much.”

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