“I killed her because she asked me”

KP Pettito To the StateShe was killed by her partner because she was suffering. Her boyfriend, Brian Laundry’s lawyer, explained the reason for the insane gesture in a notebook (he committed suicide after the crime) found near his body. Brian would have said that KP was in pain after being there Fall into a stream He will finish it with compassion.

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KP, a popular Instagram influencer in the United States, went missing in August last year after being found dead in a forest in Wyoming. An autopsy confirmed that strangulation was the cause of death. The 22-year-old was traveling with her boyfriend Brian Laundry when the first suspicion immediately fell on him, but a few days later his partner also disappeared in the thin air and was found after several months without life. Next to the corpse is a notebook, in which Brian explains what happened.

The young man said he fell into a stream during a coffee walk. An accident had caused her serious injuries (according to her partner) and she begged him to kill her for it. “He breathed heavily, sighed and called my name. He was frozen. I begged him to put an end to his pain,” Brian writes in his notebook after pleading guilty. Suffered. I ended his life, I thought he was compassionate, that was what he wanted, but now I realize all the mistakes I have made. I panicked, I was in shock, but from the moment I decided, I took his pain. I knew I could not be without her.

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However, there are still many shadows in this case and the investigation is ongoing.

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