In Belarus, hospitals are overcrowded with seriously wounded Russian soldiers –

Off Fabrizio Dragosei

They are very young and fill the sanitary facilities and mortuaries of cities near the border with Ukraine. A doctor: After people tried to photograph bodies loaded on trains, they began to perform these operations only at night.

Russian wounded and dead, often Very young forced men They fill hospitals and mortuaries in Russian and Belarusian cities near the border. Many trucks and ambulances travel, especially to centers such as Narovlia on the edge of the Chernobyl radioactive zone in Belarus. This is for two reasons: because these places are so close to the north front, around Kiev, and because In this way we avoid showing results in Russia Special military action
The Kremlin defines.

Second Deutsche WelleMany of the injured have been hospitalized after being hit by explosions and fires In a very serious condition
. Some testimonies show that mortuaries are now overflowing with bodies. In the city MosirNear the border, No deaths were reported at the morgue on March 3. A resident told Radio Crime.really, a division of Radio Liberty for Ukraine and the Crimea, that he had seen several black bags unloaded from military vehicles and dumped on Russian train cars. Passers-by began filming what was happening, but were immediately stopped by the military, forcing them to remove everything from their cell phones.

At Hospital No. 4 in Komal Relatives of the sick said they had already begun evacuating ordinary patients on March 1 to provide free space for injured Russians. There are many Russians, many of them terribly disabled, one of them said on the same radio. However, even in Russian cities near the border, many injured are coming. The Red Star Armed Forces newspaper reported a few days ago that 1,400 soldiers had been treated and sent to rehabilitation centers.

In the Crimea
According to Repat Subarov, Speaker of the Parliament of the Crimean Tatars deported to Ukraine, some schools have been converted into field hospitals. Cremation takes place day and night in the village of Quarteskoy near Simferopol.

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