In New Zealand they tried to disperse No Vox with “McCarena”.

Authorities in the New Zealand capital, Wellington, have been trying to disperse protesters who have been occupying the area around parliament for about a week in protest of restrictions imposed by the corona virus outbreak. After trying to persuade them to leave with appeals, firefighters and arrests, they tried to repeat “McCarena” and other loud songs on Saturday. It does not seem to be very successful.

The protests, which began last Tuesday in Wellington, were apparently inspired Mobilization Canadian truckers in Ottawa were protesting against epidemic controls in Canada, aiming to block roads and services in the city. Protesters in front of the New Zealand Parliament on Thursday were reduced to a few hundred, but despiteMore than 120 arrested However, many protested even in wind and rain.

On Saturday, the fifth day of the protest, Speaker of the House of Representatives Trevor Mallard ordered what should start. Radio New Zealand Defined “War of Speakersยป, Los del Rio’s American pop singer Barry Manilo and the most popular” McCarena “songs in rotation all day long, but the opposite version of Celine Dion’s” My Heart Will Go On “. , With promotional messages in support of the corona virus vaccine. New Zealand site Subject He wrote The songs played were selected from the 25 most hated playlists so far: James Blunt’s “You Are Beautiful” aired. He had provided His “If It Doesn’t Work”, and Sticky “Baby shark“.

The attempt to annoy the protesters with music had questionable consequences.

Most of the protesters greeted the songs with whistles and protests, but they did not leave: some made an enthusiastic start from their speakers. “We’m not going to take itTwisted Sisters (a translation of “We Can’t Accept This”), a heavy metal group of the seventies and eighties, began to dance to the tune of “McCarena” or sang Blunt’s songs. Even some opposition politicians Criticized He argues that this is childish and that it will only provoke protesters to stay.

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