In Saudi Arabia, 81 people were hanged in a single day: an unprecedented number of executions

L ‘Saudi Arabia He passed 81 people On the same day for related offenses Terrorism. Local media reports. The Saudi Press Agency, Saudi Arabia’s official news agency, reports that those involved were involved in the protests.Islamic State, Al-QaedaThe Hudi And other terrorist organizations, ”they were planning Attacks In important places e Abduction Weapons in the country. Of the 81, 73 were Saudis, 7 were Yemenis and one was a Syrian. The agency said all those executed were being tried in Saudi courts under the supervision of 13 judges and in three separate positions for each individual.

There is one in Saudi Arabia The highest execution rate in the world. Today’s announcement marks the highest number of executions recorded in a single day in the kingdom and has surpassed the number. In 2021, 69 people were executed. The country is being targeted by human rights activists and Western allies From the barbaric murder of a journalist Jamal KashogiAccording to US intelligence, the title was approved by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Hosted by Matteo Renzi When The former prime minister praised the monarchy during an event organized in Riyadh in 2021 Del Golfo describes it as the cradle of a new renaissance.

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