In Ukraine, the “Italy case” erupts. Eni, Pirelli & c top managers in video call with Putin as EU and US study sanctions against Russia

The conference, scheduled for Wednesday, was organized by Telemobil founder Vincenzo Trani, who sits on the board of directors of car-sharing company Matteo Renzi. Participants include Eni’s CEO Claudio Descalzi, Enel’s Francesco Stares, UniCredit’s Andrea Orsell, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Russia President Antonio Fallico and Generali Insurance Group Chairman Philippe Donnet. The meeting was arranged without the knowledge of the Foreign Ministry and is taking place while Brussels and Washington are trying to reach a common position against Moscow.

As Tensions The Kremlin is developing a package between the United States and Europe on the Ukrainian crisis and Western countries. Sanctions, One is scheduled for Wednesday Conference call In the top management of some major Italian companies including Annie, Byrelli and Generally And the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Discuss bilateral economic relations. That message did not go unnoticed. The Financial Times Dedicates the launch of his website to the crowd. The London newspaper recalls how the meeting will unfold as Europe and the United States seek to adopt a common policy towards Moscow. Germany, France and Italy are very cautious in their hypotheses of sanctions against Russia. The date of the meeting was agreed in November. Unbeknownst to Furnaceina, Ft writes. Organizers are the Italy-Russia Chamber of Commerce and the Italian-Russian Affairs Committee. Led by the Chief Vincenzo Trani, Founder Telemobile, Car distribution company in Luxembourg e Business in Russia In which the head of Italy Viva is a director Matteo Renzi. That was in November Went to New York to participate in the postponed list on terrorism.

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According to the financial newspaper are among the participants Claudio Descalci, CEO of Eni; Francesco Storres, CEO of Enel; Andrea Orcel, CEO of Unigredit Bank Group; Antonio Fallico, Russia’s chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest Italian bank; And Philip Donut, Chairman of the General Insurance Board. Among those present were key figures in Russian state-owned companies, including the head of the oil company Rosneft. Igor Chechin e Grill Dimitriev, Chairman of the Russian Direct Investment Fund. An Italian government official described the event as “a unique initiative that does not involve the participation of personalities affiliated with public institutions.” As the organizers said The event will continue regardless of geopolitical tensions As an opportunity to continue the conversation.

Co-chair of the Italian-Russian Affairs Committee, set up with the support of the Russian and Italian governments Marco Droncetti Provera, Dmitry Konov, CEO of tire manufacturer Pirelli and chairman of petrochemical manufacturer Cipur. Prime Minister last Monday Mario Tracy Participated in a video conference with the US President Joe Biden And NATO allies to discuss the Western response to Russia’s military structure. In this case Draghi said I The hypothesis of the seriousness of business relationships makes it difficult to put into practice Obstacles. The position already expressed by the Prime Minister on previous occasions.

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