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Innovative lunch with industry leaders

A Bristol based care company was recently invited to address a seminar of national care leaders on innovation in the sector. Preyen Dewani, CEO of Evolve Care Group, who has previously won Care Entrepreneur of the year and has recently had two homes rated Outstanding by CQC said “the application of technology presents exciting opportunities to transform the way in which we can plan and deliver care. So far the focus has been on simply recording what has happened in the past. Using technology to help us predict and avoid certain outcomes will lead to much better experiences.” He went on to say that “we mustn’t forget, however, that care is about people and so the bulk of our investment should remain with making sure that we recruit and retain the best people who are truly motivated to look after others”.
Evolve Care Group have a portfolio of 12 care sites across the South West of England and Wales. They have developed their own model of dementia care which has been given top marks by the National Regulator the Care Quality Commission. Only 1.5% of all care homes in the country have been awarded the coveted Outstanding status.
Innovation was the theme at a recent seminar attended by 24 leaders from the care sector. Hosted by Coutts bank the assembled crowd dined on main courses accompanied by vegetables and herbs grown in Coutts’ own garden whilst discussing and debating some of the big opportunities for care providers.

Attendees discussed how future care homes could be designed to provide a better quality of living whilst enabling efficiencies in staff time. Pinders Award winning John Bell, from ADG Architects, commented on the range of innovative designs now available to developers to make the best of limited space.
CEO and one of the founders of BKRCC, a specialist care consultancy, Bhavna Keane Rao, told us ” The care sector is still in infancy when it comes to the use of technology. Some providers have embraced it with use of AI and other aids however they are the exception rather than the rule. We understand the challenges faced by care providers due to financial constraints. Innovation isn’t the answer but part of the solution for sure.
I do think that the potential benefits for a more integrated system will enable an efficient and effective access to live data about a person’s care needs and so more responsive care can be provided. And one day the regulator will even undertake off site inspections. Having regular discussions with providers and sharing good ideas on innovation, as we did at Coutts, is critical to progressing this agenda.”

Coutts have a Specialist Commercial Healthcare team who support and provide finance to businesses across the sector. Business Development Director, Andy Porter said “We have a long standing strong commitment to the UK healthcare sector and are privileged to support some exceptional business people who really care about those they look after. Holding discussions like these enables us to share ideas and contribute to the continual improvement of standards. “

Pictured above  [L-R]: Ian Oriell, Coutts; Andy Porter, Coutts; Bhavna Keane Rao, BKRCC; Nigel Patel, Coutts; Preyen Dewani, Evolve Care Group


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