Investigation of the British is a war crime-

From Francesco Pattistini and Lorenzo Gromonesi

Saturday, June 11 News about the war, live. The Ukrainian president has accused the Russian military of seeking to destroy all cities in the eastern region. Mariupol Meyer: Buildings were demolished without removing the bodies of the dead

War broke out in Ukraine 108th day.
நீதிமன்றம் Self-styled Donetsk People’s Republican court sentenced to death British Aidan Aslin and Shawn then and Morocco Chaudhun BrahimWho fought for the Ukrainian army, but can apologize.
Conflicts in Donbass continue to be very difficult: Azote bombed a chemical plant Chevrodonetsk, Where there are about 800 civilian refugees. According to the governor of Lugansk, Moscow wants control of the region by June 12.
Estonia then summons the Russian ambassador Putin’s phrases History of the Baltic Saddle
Russian writer Glukovsky: We are in the hands of a madman
Elisa: We want Kiev to win the conflict.
கார Michael Carpenter, Permanent Representative of the United States: Preparing for the Kremlin’s Gersen’s merger, wait for the right moment.
Ukrainian Vice President Intelligence: Russia may continue the war for a year.

6:25 a.m .: Biden: Jelensky did not listen to me about the coming invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has underestimated US warnings of an impending Russian offensive. Thus said the President of the United States Joe Biden: He did not want to hear Washington’s warnings before Russia invaded his country, not just him. Many thought I was exaggerating. But I know we have information going on: Putin is going to cross the border, no doubt, he explained during an attempt in Los Angeles to raise funds for the Democrats. Putin is trying to destroy not only the Ukrainian nation, but also its culture, Biden added.

06:17 – Kramatorsk Mayor: The Russians here have 1 to 10 weapons

(Lorenzo Gromonesi) Heavy weapons are needed. Send us artillery and anti-aircraft missiles. “We can not believe Putin will not be able to win the war without the military assistance of our Western allies, so he will continue to attack us, and peace will be impossible,” said Oleksandr Konzarenko, 47. In his office, 2020 mayor of Gramadorsk will advance Putin’s armor, one of the most important cities in the Donbass. He takes us by the hand with a map of the region and does not hesitate to describe the military situation. A few hours ago, Vadim Skipitsky, Kiev’s deputy intelligence chief, warned that the explosives were almost exhausted.
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06:12 – Zhelensky: Fierce fighting in the Donbass

Donbass continues to be targeted by Moscow forces. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky He called the fighting too intense and accused the Russian military of wanting to destroy all cities in the eastern Ukrainian region. The fierce fighting continues in Donbass. I repeat these names every day: Chevrodonetsk, Lysychansk, Bajmut, Sloviansk, many, many, Zelenzky said in his usual evening point on the day of the war. The President spoke of the pits left by the destruction and eruption of happy cities at one time: this is what Russia can give to its neighbors, Europe and the world. He reiterated that Ukrainian troops were doing everything possible to stop the invaders’ attacks and demanded that Kiev support countries with heavy weapons and modern artillery.

06:10 – Mariupol Meyer: Buildings were demolished without removing the bodies of the dead

Condemnation to Mayor Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko. Russian forces occupying the Ukrainian city are said to have demolished 1,300 residential buildings without removing the hundreds of bodies left in the rubble. The mayor – who fled Mariupol towards Ukrainian-controlled territory – initially invaded Mariupol residents carefully removing the rubble, but then when they saw the actual number of bodies found they immediately removed the locals. The actual number of corpses beneath the rubble of destroyed houses is alarming – writes Boisenko on the telegram channel of the Mariupol City Council -. Nearly 50 to 100 of the nearly destroyed buildings were killed and 1,300 buildings were demolished in the city. The mayor added that as the demolition of the buildings was carried out indiscriminately, the bodies of Mariupol residents killed in the fighting were carried to the ground with the rubble. The municipality of Mariupol estimates that at least 22,000 residents of the southeastern Ukrainian city were killed in the first three months of the war. Unfortunately, according to Boychenko, the actual death toll could be much higher than reported.

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06:08 – Estonia joins Russian ambassador after Putin’s remarks on Baltic history

Absolutely unacceptable observations. Because of this Estonia In a speech on Thursday, he summoned the Russian ambassador to Riga to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comments on the history of the Baltic states, citing the capture of the city of Narva in the 18th century. The comments defined by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tallinn are unacceptable. Putin compared the Russian war against Ukraine Northern War under Tsar Peter I, also known as Peter the Great, And talked about reclaiming Russian soil. Peter I did not capture the area around present-day St. Petersburg’s megalopolis from the Swedes, but he recaptured it. The same – Putin said – applies to the nerves located directly on the border with Russia. With a population of less than 60,000, Norway is Estonia’s third largest city, a member of the European Union and NATO, with a total population of 1.3 million, and a strong Russian – speaking minority.

06:05 – Russian writer Klukovsky: We are in the hands of a madman

Dmitry Klukovsky The best-selling author in Russia for the past 10 years, the most popular writer among teenagers due to a post-apocalyptic story that created the most successful video game. Now – As Marco Imarisio wrote, here – Expelled on an arrest warrant for contempt of the Russian military, by his latest Arctic words: a crime punishable by ten to fifteen years in prison.

In Glukhovsky’s publication, you can read the strong phrases against the Kremlin, that is, we learn to close our eyes to the cycle of madness that has gripped our rulers. Again: Isn’t it better to eat shit than to go to bed thinking your life is in the hands of an unleashed madman?

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06:03 – Florusi: Surrender to Azot Army

Approximately 800 military and civilian refugees Azot Chemical Plant, in Severodonetsk, They sought contacts to begin negotiations. The Russian company said Rhea NovostiCiting a representative of the Lukansk separatists. The pro-Russian representative said that the Ukrainian militants hiding in the Azot plant were told to lay down their arms and surrender, but no other condition was accepted.

06.00 – UN inquiry into British prisoners of war

The United Nations Office of Human Rights has expressed concern Death Penalty The “Supreme Court” of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic against the three soldiers, namely the British Aidan Aslin
And Shawn then And Morocco Ibrahim Sadun. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Raveena Shamdasani told a news conference in Geneva. Such trials on prisoners of war are a war crime“Since 2015 we have been observing that the so-called judiciary of these self-styled republics does not respect an essential guarantee,” Shamdasani said. Appropriate process, Public hearings, independence, impartiality of courts and the right not to be obliged to testify. Then, the trial of Aslin and Sadun began on Tuesday and took place behind closed doors.

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