Ireland lifts anti-Govt restrictions: “We have passed the Omigron storm. Booster doses have revolutionized the situation”

L ‘Ireland Almost everything is gone Anti-Govt controls And return to normal. Prime Minister Michael Martin He expressed satisfaction at a press conference in which he said “Today is a good day because Ireland is over Omigron stormPubs, restaurants, theaters and theaters no longer have to close at 8pm, they can work Maximum capacity And you don’t need it anymore Green bass, To access it, was pushed only to international travel. The Work from home It is no longer mandatory and imposes the only limiting use of resistance Indoor masks.

How Martin recalled the plan Dosa stimulant “The situation has changed drastically,” he received applause National Public Health Emergency CommitteeEquivalent CTS ItalianoIt was suggested to cancel Omigron resistance limits.

The weekly occurrence of confirmed Govt-19 cases in Ireland is the same 1145 infections per 100 thousand people, A sharp decrease compared to the peak reached on January 10 when weekly events reached 3405 infections per 100 thousand people. Development of Admitted to hospital Significantly disrupted and 1,016 beds occupied ordinary wards and 89 intensive care units, up from 1,950 and 212, respectively, at the peak of January 2021. Casualties, Last week on average seven to twelve, they were much lower than in April 2020 and February 2021, while 80 per cent of the population had received at least one dose of the vaccine and 77.3 per cent had been fully vaccinated.

Christine LosherAt Professor of Immunology Dublin City UniversityExplained The Journal Some will “be constantly alert” and “no one is saying things are over, but threatening Public health Not now as it was before. ” Loosen the controls Right now. We no longer focus on cases because they are ours immunity She’s very tall. “

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Hope, therefore, but a pinch of wisdom. Dr. Gerald BarryVirology Researcher University College DublinHe said, as reported by the site“In the eyes of the population, we are starting to live our lives, I would say we are optimistic, but the government needs to think. Strengthen our security“.The executive, according to Barry, must be prepared for the possibility New waves Also do not use the controls as a litmus test if the condition worsens. Should be a priority Investing in the healthcare system “Cross the next wave without massive restrictions”. The comparison is, “with World War IIAnd peacekeeping after the end. This can be done “through peace talks” or “by strengthening the arms.”

Ireland distinguished itself during epidemics, with a very sensible approach that resulted in a very long time. Disabling Of public spaces European continent. Parks, pubs, theaters, restaurants and theaters have been confirmed closedIrish Times, For 120 days starting March 2020. Locking after a while Summer vacation, Has returned with a second wave of autumn and epidemics, which is a real dream for the country. Non-essential shops reopened May 17, 2021 After more than four-and-a-half months of closure, restaurants and pubs are back in business. July 2021. Not all businesses can go online when restrictions are in place.

However, the economy has not been affected by the current epidemic and by 2021 GDP grew by 13.6 per cent and is benefiting greatly from the growth of this extraordinary growth. Exports How much is the function Multinational companies Operates in Irish territory. The Unemployment rate It has declined from 26 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 to 7 per cent in the last quarter. And predictions are encouraging that by the end of this year it will reach the pre-epidemic low of 5 percent.

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