“It’s not your show”: So a judge struck down America’s biggest conspiracy theorist – video

He didn’t just lose his son Shooting In elementary school Sandy Hook, but he also had to face conspiracy theorists who labeled the assassination a “hoax.” His life has become “hell” due to misinformation sites like Infowar: Because of this Scarlett Louise Sati faced Guru in court yesterday. Alex Jones. The investigation was initiated by the families of victims who were brutally murdered by young Adam Lanza in 2012. 26 people died that day, including 20 children. Jones, however, Over the years the episode has been branded a “government hoax”., defined the victims’ families as mere “actors”: yesterday, for the first time, he admitted wrongdoing. In its new version, Attack “100% True”.

Financial crises

Jones He announced He believed in the conspiracy theory because he suffered from “a kind of mental illness”. A sudden reversal of the theory that had been prevalent for the past ten years: Scarlett couldn’t have looked into Louise’s eyes and lied constantly, or sensed fear. $150 million in compensation The family asked him and the portal he established. Infowars’ parent company does not have to face its debts. Free speech systems, A bankruptcy petition was filed Last week.

On the other hand, the trial does not seem to be taking a very favorable turn for Jones: everything seems to be stacked against him, against his own lawyer. Yesterday, in court, the conspiracy theorist turned pale when he found out The lawyer accidentally sent it to the other party Messages and emails that prove he is guilty of perjury. Jones would have lied, and I knew I was lying: surprise.

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“It’s not his show”

“It seems absurd to remind her that she must tell the truth when testifying, but here I am: she must tell the truth. It’s not his show.”: So Judge Maya War Gambling, in court, he cornered the accused. “I guess what I said is true, so I don’t…” Jones stammered. But the judge’s response was succinct: “Yes, you believe everything you say is true, but it’s not. His beliefs make nothing true. That’s why we’re here.”.

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