Japan is trying tourism again

Next week Japan will reopen its borders to 50 foreign tourists, thanks to tours organized by small groups of four of them. The initiative was announced by the country’s tourism agency, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Region, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and is a kind of experiment to understand how and when to fully reopen: although the year has begun, it has been gradual. The easing of restrictions allowing the arrival of a few thousand foreigners, in fact international tourists are not yet allowed into Japan.

Travel agency He knew All tourists involved in the test must have completed the corona virus vaccination course and have received an additional dose of the vaccine, and will be able to travel to Japan via pre-established routes in the presence of a guide. Many details have not yet been finalized and it is not even clear how the participants will be selected. However, it is known that only tourists from four countries that are considered a priority for Japanese tourism will be allowed: the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore.

Individuals taking the test must enter Japan with a special visa and must present a test for negative corona virus 72 hours prior to departure and be subjected to a new test upon arrival (as is already the case. Everyone entering the country). The initiative will end at the end of May and, according to the tourism agency, will help develop guidelines for tour operators, hotels and other tourism activities, but will also help verify and improve the government’s response to epidemic management.

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The test tours were originally scheduled to take place at the end of 2021. Omigron variant The corona virus is believed to be responsible for the large increase in infections in various parts of the world starting in November.

However, only in early 2022, Japan’s borders were gradually reopened to very few international visitors, such as foreigners, foreign students, and expatriates. Currently, the number of people coming to Japan from abroad is only 10,000 a day: according to the national television NHK, the government intends to increase enrollment to 20,000 a day in the coming weeks.

The government’s decision to close the border to foreign tourists was widely criticized by the Federation of Japanese Companies, which exacerbated the crisis in the tourism sector, which was the equivalent of 29 29.5 billion before the epidemic. Year. basically Ratings According to the travel agency, more than 100,000 people visited Japan between January and March this year: in the same period of 2019, there were 8 million international tourists.

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