Johnson – Charles sent to Rwanda by the Chronicle

Sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda? Okay, thanks. To support him, second

The Times would have been Prince Charles in some private conversations when he said he was “disappointed and horrified” by Boris Johnson’s plan (in the photo) to make a part of it illegal. Landed immigrants to Rwanda in the UK. A kind of “parking” is waiting to determine whether they can be granted refugee status (accessible to the island). If we believe some anonymous sources inside the palace, the very heavy words of the eternal heirs of the British throne would have defined the mechanism in question as “intimidating”, which aims to encourage traffic in the administrator’s view.

Illegal immigrants across the channel as part of the crackdown on post-Brexit frontiers. However, this was not confirmed by the staff of his official residence, Clarence House, but was denied. A spokesman for the Prince of Wales said in a statement that he did not want to comment on “private and anonymous conversations” and had made no attempt to interfere with the sovereign’s eldest son’s comments. Action.

Of the government. A way to throw water into the fire. And because the prince’s words have an impact on one of the government’s most competitive choices

And is already a prime minister in trouble over the partygate scandal.

However, the so-called Rwandan immigration program will be operational from June 14, with the first flight of a few dozen asylum seekers already warned in advance and heading to Africa. A few days ago, among other things, he received the green light for the departure of the government from a London High Court judge, who told the UN. He denied the suspension of the detention appeal of various voluntary organizations with the support of the High Commissioner for Refugees. Johnson was harshly criticized. But the game is still a long way off: the suspension, in fact, could come down to extremism on appeal, and a legal verdict on the deal is pending.

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