Kevin Durant wants to play with the Heat, but only alongside Jimmy Butler, Pam Adebayo and Kyle Lowry, according to the report.

Jesse de Garabrant

Such as Brooklyn Networks Trying to trade Kevin Durant for something like fair value, they not only need to deal with the teams they’re negotiating with, but Durant himself. He made two teams, and Miami Heat And the Phoenix Sunsas favorite destinations. Here’s where things get complicated: Durant reportedly only wants to go to The Heat if most of his squad stays the same.

according to the athleteDurant won’t want to play for the Heat unless he can do so alongside Jimmy Butler, Pam Adebayo and Kyle Lowry. Given the small assets Miami will have to offer Brooklyn apart from these three, a Heat trade now looks somewhat unlikely.

We can safely say that Butler was never at the table. The Lowry is only valuable to the competitor. If Adebayo isn’t available either, what can Miami offer? The package will be built around Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson as salary ballast. The Heat could present Nikola Jovic’s 27th overall pick along with three future preliminary rounds and three first-round swaps. That’s a huge offer for just about anyone, but it wouldn’t be enough to land Durant.

Here’s another complication: Even if Heat and Durant were open to a deal involving Adebayo, he can’t legally be traded for Nets at the moment. Teams are not allowed to have multiple players on certain rookie extensions acquired by trade, and the Nets already have Ben Simmons on such a contract. Overall, this puts the Heat at a huge disadvantage in the Durant lottery.

The Suns will have to give in a bit to get Durant too, but if they can do that without sacrificing Devin Booker or Chris Paul, they probably have enough to lure the ex-MVP. If Durant really wants Phoenix above all other destinations, this kind of leak makes sense. If he can dampen the Heat, it will be one of the main threats the Suns face off the board. Right now, we’re so early in the process that saying anything definitively would be foolish.

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