Kharkiv defense chief Roman Dutin was fired by Zhelensky. “He did not work for the security of the city.”

“He did not work for the defense of the city, but from the first days of the Russian invasion he took care of his own interests.” Volodymyr with these impulses Zhelensky Removed the head of the Ukrainian security service in the region Kharkiv, Roman Dutin. “Whatever the reasons, the police will explain,” the Ukrainian president said in a video released on his Telegram channel. The Ukrainian president later addressed, in particular, the Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv, where he is today, Kiev and his hometown of Krivizh Rih, recalling “we will win” despite the difficulties.

In the next few hours the Ukrainian police will need to clarify the reasons. “The most important thing now is that we are all united in 100% cooperation. The military, the police, the mayor of Kharkiv, the regional state administration – they all really work for success, they do it very effectively. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of the local SBU leader,” Zhelensky said. Said.

Shot by Zhelensky

In early April Zhelensky He said he had fired two senior Ukrainian security officials, whom he called “traitors”, one in the Kharkiv region. “I do not have time to deal with all the traitors, but little by little they will all be punished,” the Ukrainian leader warned, “those who violate the truth loyal to the Ukrainian people will inevitably be lost. Their military forces.” Another name of a traitor was mentioned by Dutin a few days later: he was a former employee of the Ukrainian presidential administration in the Kharkiv region (that person worked until 2019 and accessed state secrets). Dutin was accused by them of working in the Russian special services.

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