Kiev lists civilian owners of small and large arms drones against Moscow –

Facebook appeals to small pilots: Help stop Russian troops. There is a real danger: there is a danger that the driver of the drones will be monitored by the enemy

In quiet times, Ukrainian drone enthusiasts flew their mini-planes into the sky with their gadgets to photograph weddings, fertilize soybean fields or have fun. Now many of them are organizing a volunteer department and making their drones available as a spy tool. Russian attack
At the same time, the regular army uses the largest Turkish-built war drones for real war. A detailed report on this has been published By Ap Company, signed by Matt O’Brien.

Kiev needs you and your drone in this moment of fury!This is the request of the Ukrainian authorities posted on Facebook last weekend, asking citizens to donate drones for entertainment and to volunteer as expert pilots to work with them. And many more have joined the effort, including some shopkeepers who have donated their shares in bulk. Why do we do this? We have no choice. It said our land, our home Denise SushkoTalks with Ap, Executive Chairman of Drone Ua, an industrial drone technology company based in Kyiv. Prior to the war, Drone Uva served mainly in the service of farms and other manufacturing sectors. Suzuki left his home last weekend as his family disappeared from a nearby bombing. He told the Associated Press on his cell phone that he had climbed the tree for further coverage. We try to use everything we can to protect our country And drones are an excellent tool for obtaining real-time data There is no drone with s, but the experience will provide, said Sushko.

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There is a problem. DJI is a leading supplier of drones for private and domestic use in Ukraine and around the world. The aeroscope, a surveillance system in the service of aircraft and police officers, applies to aircraft.If the Russians capture the data it could affect the safety of the pilots. Taurus TroykThe DJI drone dealer in Kiev said it had not received any assurances from the manufacturer in this regard. Adam Lisberg, A spokesman for the DJI explained that the use of these devices in war was unpredictable. Meanwhile, Ukrainian drone experts said they had done everything they could to teach operators how to protect their position. Suzuki said there are many tricks that will allow you to increase the level of security when using them.

Ukraine has a large community of drone experts and enthusiasts. Some have studied at the National Aviation University or the nearby Kiev Polytechnic University They founded local drone and robotics startupsA public Facebook group focuses on drones managed by Troiak It has more than 15,000 members who have exchanged advice on how to assist Ukrainian troops. However, Russia is also trying to thwart this protest. Various forums have been set up to recommend C on Russian-language channels on the TelegramHow to find Ukrainian drone pilots And according to independent experts, Moscow can not rule out missile strikes by troops.

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