“Kiev Navy chief Mariupol dies”

AGI – Ukrainian President Zelensky, in an interview with CNN, underscored the key role of Donbass in ending the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. He then removed some pebbles from his shoes and explained that “there are not many countries that have really helped us”. The Kiev leader then addressed Macron directly and invited him to return to the occupied territory by troops sent from Moscow. Genocide “.

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba confirmed in an interview with CBS that “we have not had high-level contacts with the Russians for several weeks.” The city of Mariupol, according to the politician, “no longer” and “The Ukrainian soldiers and the rest of the civilians are surrounded by Russian forces. They continue to fight, but the involvement of Moscow’s troops suggests that they intend to level the city at any cost.

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Ukrainian soldiers near a destroyed Russian vehicle near Kharkiv

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has completed the form to join the European Union. This was announced by the Vice President of the Office of President Zhelensky Igor Chowkwa. “We now expect a positive recommendation from the European Commission, and then the ball will be sent to the member states,” Zhovkva said, according to Ukrainian media reports.

“We expect the European Council to convene in June, where Ukraine will receive candidate status.” Zhovkva said that member talks should “start immediately”.

The Russians are preparing for a referendum, leading to the declaration of a separatist republic in Kherson, the only major Ukrainian city in the hands of Moscow in general. This was reported on Facebook by Kiev’s public servants.

Possible referendum in Gerson

“Preparations are underway for an illegal referendum on the so-called ‘Gershon People’s Republic’ declaration in some territories temporarily occupied by Russia,” the report said, adding that it was planned to use the personal data of residents to disprove its results. Locals say they will be “mobilized” to join the Russian armed forces once the results are available. “

Moscow, Ukrainian commander Mariupol died

Volodymyr Paranyuk Mariupol, commander of the 36th Marine Infantry of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, was killed. This was announced by Edward Pashur, vice president of pro-Russian separatist fighters in Donetsk. According to Pasurin, Paranuk may have been killed on April 12 while trying to escape from a city besieged by hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers.

“On the night between April 11 and 12, a group from the 36th Marine Regiment broke away from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and tried to break through the besieged Ilyich plant,” Pasurin explained. The body of General Colonel Baranuk Vladimir Anatolyevich, his personal belongings and weapons were found.According to Moscow, 50 Ukrainian soldiers were killed by Russian forces and another 42 surrendered during an attempt to escape on April 12.

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