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Fiona Hill, one of Russia’s leading experts: “The official lunch did not touch his cup at all.” “After his enemies drank poison” rage over security

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Washington – “Putin is not the Superman we can imagine” reads Book by Fiona HillThere is nothing for you here, Which has been the focus of political debate in the United States for several weeks. Hill, 56, was Putin is one of Russia’s leading experts. It was Councilor In administrations George W.. Bush And Barack ObamaBefore joining the National Security Council Donald TrumpFrom 2017 to 2019. His work: Director of European Affairs and Russia.

He is a person known to the general public Testimony in Congress on the impeachment proceedings against TrumpIn November 2019. Joe Biden He said he had greatly benefited from reading his works on the Russian leader.Mr. PutinAn “operative” in the Kremlin“(2015). In its latest volumeFiona Hill also describes unpublished details The “Jar” ​​personality of Moscow. He talked about it in some TV interviews, such as the “Late Night Show” hosted by Stephen Colbert. Here is his account: “I have had the opportunity to observe Putin closely several times. For example, I remember sitting far away from him at an official lunch. It occurred to me that he was not drinking anything. He never touched the trophy. I do not know if it contained water or tea.

According to the former councilor, Putin will be Was interested in his safetyProbably because, he added, “Some of his opponents dissolved polonium in tea and drank poison“However, the Russian leader is not” the Superman we want to believe in propaganda. “I noticed how he was in front of a sheet of paper on that occasion. Unusually large size printed notes; Putin Wear contact lenses, But he does not want it to be known, and he fears that it may perhaps express a weak sense of public opinion. Former KGB agent, 69, “Lives in a bubbleSurrounded by a small group of collaborators “they are not oligarchy.” “These people – they end up in Fiona Hill – have no investment, no interest outside of Russia. They are deeply rooted in their country and all very close to Putin. That is why it is difficult to imagine changes in power in Moscow.

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